Lewis Eugene Ballin

There are two things I remember ever so clearly in my mind when I think about Donnie Moore. The first is a quote about God’s grace. “Grace is Power, Security, and Acceptance, P.S.A. the only way to fly.” The second quote I remember is, “The three qualities of a good friend are,

1.” A good friend will always want what’s best for you.”

2. ” A good friend will brag about your strengths and defend your weaknesses.”

3. A good friend will loyally defend you, even in your absence.”

Heather Hantz

My name is Heather Christine Hantz. I grew up in Pastor Glenn Burteaus youth group. That is where our youth group first met Donnie Moore. I remember him as a gentle giant with the softest heart, and speech. You will be happy to know, I grew up to be a political advocate defending special needs children. My young son Harrison is in the Autism Spectrum. I’m actually bringing him to Kidfest in Gatlinburg this May 2019. It will be the greatest moment to watch Harrison experience the Power team minister. Harrison literally thinks he’s a superhero, who can do amazing things. I’ve told him that his entire life, inspire of specialists saying he’d always have low upper body tone ect. As a child, I never heard Donnie say, anything about God having limits. The older Harrison gets, the more I realize, I stand stronger because my parents brought me to youth group and sent me to camp with such Giants like Donnie. Every victory in special needs, I celebrate in honor of Donnie Moore and his family. As for Harrison, hell be 7 in April. He’s 4 feet tall, over 50 pounds of solid muscle with defined biceps. He reads on a 3grade level and continues to amaze his therapists. If I hadn’t learn to push through, as a child, I wouldn’t have the tenacity to speak up for those most vulnerable. Advocacy burns in me like a fire, God put it there, in camp watching Donnie Moore. Many blessings,

Heather Christine Hantz


The first time I heard of Donnie Moore and Radical Reality, I was listening the A’s post-game radio program with Chris Townsend, and was amused by what he was witnessing taking place on the field.  He couldn’t focus on what he was trying to say about the A’s, because he’s watching Donnie and his friends bend rebar, tear phone books, and break bats.  After some inquiry, he learned that it was a part of a Christian event, offering the demonstration of strength and testimony from players.  My interest was piqued, and I attended the event the following year.

The positive message from Donnie was fantastic.  As a baseball fan, I really enjoyed the fellowship I observed between him and the players.  Hearing the testimony from the players was a great reminder of who we serve, and the world in which we live.  Donnie’s ability to combine God’s word with the entertainment of baseball was refreshing.  I was excited to learn that he’d speak at my church in Sacramento (Capital Christian Center), shortly after seeing him at the Oakland Coliseum.

I now live in the vicinity of Austin, TX, and to my great surprise, the senior pastor of Celebration Church, where I now attend, knows and spoke of the late Donnie Moore.  Late?  Why is he speaking in the past-tense?  I’m in shock to learn of his passing, and the events that led to it.

My wife has a testimony regarding depression, and the effects of the prescription medication that was used to treat her.  The medication pushed her incessantly to “end her life.”  When she advised the medical professionals at the VA of these thoughts, they doubled her prescription.  This pushed her over the edge, she overdosed, and was pronounced dead.  God brought her back, and she has a memory of what she witnessed.  I know of another lady who encountered a similar situation.  A close friend took his life recently, while depending upon prescription medication for treatment.  This is a situation we’re increasingly passionate about.

Donnie Moore taking his life, while on prescription medication to treat depression, is testimony to how deadly this medication that’s being pushed upon us truly is.  If we can be of any assistance, please let me know.


Joe S.


Jenna Strys

Hi, My name is Jenna. Sorry this is so late, I’ve struggled with being brave enough to talk about this.

Donnie once prophecied over me that “everything I’ve been through will become my purpose.” I had a rough childhood with divorce and drug abuse and mental illness. I just thought that I’d tell my story at work some time and lead someone to Christ. But recently things have really changed for me and now I think I understand what Donnie meant.

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 1. I was afraid to talk about it because of the stigma and how a lot of churches view mental illnesses. I really battled with this, but I always thought about Donnie. I’ve felt that hopelessness and pain he felt. I’ve tried to commit suicide myself, so he is always in my mind.

Now, I have a passion for sharing mental health and illness in churches to break the stigma and to hopefully help other people who are too afraid to speak up until it’s too late. I think this is what Donnie meant. So I’ve privately dedicated my ministry to him. I’ve only just begun with an instagram, but I know God has a plan. Baby steps.

I pray for your family all the time. Just know Donnie impacted me in life and still in death.

Thank you

Jeff Lovett

During my teenage years I was exposed to Donnie’s camps and never forgot the power of God that would resonate from that place. When I turned 19 my heart was tugged toward Donnie’s camp like never before and I gave my whole heart to Christ on that smelly Richardson springs floor! I remember Him saying people are really getting saved tonight!! That night marked my life forever!
Since then I’ve been all over the world teaching, training, singing and making my life count for Christ! I will always be grateful for Donnie’s heart and his impact on my life! I also remember listening over and over to “Mark of a Champion” ! Donnie was truly a champion that led so many to Christ!
Love ,
Jeff Lovett
Redding , CA


Dear ones,

While I don’t have a story to share, for some reason, I came back to the ministry site, tonight. I believe God  led me back.  My spouse has battled mental health issues for decades, and, yet, he has pastored and is loved by many, He is now retired, but the battle continues.  We are part of that small 5% of depression/bipolar marriages that has survived by the grace of God.  Medications  can only do so much.  I had wondered about Donnie,  and the thought had crossed my mind concerning his passing; so I prayed for you and your dear family, and saw the service online.  I want to thank you for sharing so bravely and so honestly.  You have, sadly, but with such timeliness on this February evening, been an encouragement to me.  With love and prayers, and much thanks from a Christian sister on the Central Coast.

Brian Wiemken

Thank you so much for sharing about Donnie. I’ve been looking for information After hearing about his passing from Bob who played baseball with the kids with Donnie. then I remembered I have his app in my phone.  precious family of Donnie Moore  my heart breaks for you dear dear family of this precious man, this man of great compassion, commitment, dedication, loyalty, faithfulness, and fruitfulness what a true man of God. There’s my heart aches for all of you and exit the passing of my dear friend and brother in the faith my mind Goes back through the years to a baseball field. That was the day I met Donnie and Chuck and their father our Coach Chuck senior. I can still hear Donnie’s dad saying “Just pitch the ball Donnie”. I remember then starting junior high school and there was Chuck and Donnie and the friendship continued to build.We transitioned into high school, my family only produce stands, flower stands and Christmas tree lots in Hayward. Donnie worked with us in those businesses as we grew up we had so much fun and then off to college he went. As the years went by I would hear about Donnie from Family members about Donnie’s ministering it was so inspiring and so incredibly wonderful to hear what an adventure. I don’t you come through town time to time and we would talk. And it was amazing to see what God was doing in the places he was taking Donnie, what he was doing with Donnie and thru Donnie. How many thousands were getting blessed in high school and throughout the country by his ministry. But then Donnie did something so special. Donnie and I were talking one day about my brother Eric who had just passed Away after five years of battling AIDS. My brother at the time was very anti-God. Donnie was in the north west doing some ministry for the weekend. As we were standing there talking Donnie said that he had called and operator and asked if they could give him Eric’s phone number. The operator said the number was Unlisted and she could not do that or she would get fired. Donnie told her he was a friend of the family and a pastor that my brother was dying it’s imperative he see my brother and she gave him the phone number. Donnie called my brother up in Eric asked if he was a pastor or preacher and Donnie said yes and Eric said I hate preachers. What Donnie told Eric it’s just Donnie and he just wanted to talk to him as a friend. Donnie told me that the Lord softens they were short Eric began to cry as they talked and then Eric asked Danny if he would pray with him. Donnie said sure he’ll be out at Eric got on his knees and Donnie lead him to Christ. But the story doesn’t stop there. Years later my father is now slowly dying, he’s in a bad state. Donnie comes by the house to talk to my Father. Donnie tells my father he knows my dad grew up in church he knows my dad knows about God and Donnie told my dad he was not leaving the house until my dad was right with God. My mother said she walked in the room with Donnie and dad were sitting and they were both crying and my dad had repented and gave his heart to Jesus. That’s the Donnie I knew. My dad had always pursued wealth and did well but Donnie led my dad to the true wealth, eternal wealth and eternal life. As Donnie and I stood there talking I was just so amazed and so grateful that his faithfulness and I shared with Donnie that I was at work when my brother Eric was dying in the hospital. I received a call from my supervisor and he told me you better get down to Portland I was up north about five hours from him. At the same time I was driving to see my brother Eric at around 2:30 PM in the afternoon. My brother Dave and my father we’re leaving Oakland airport to fly up at the same time literally taking off at around 2:30 PM. All of the sudden my brother Eric appeared in front of my car with two angels they were all in white and they were floating in they were water I slammed on the brakes my wife screamed at me and I told her what I saw and she said I was hallucinating. Five hours later I’m looking at my brothers dead body in a bed my dad leaning against the wall David looking out the window. I told him what happened and my dad began to pound his fist into his hand saying “No no no”. Then my dad told me how they were in the airplane, dad Sitting in the center seat and David the window seat.He said David jumped into his lap as they were airborne. David Then said that he was looking out the window and Eric and two angels all of them in a white were hovering just outside the window of the airplane. We have the same vision at the same time 1000 thousand miles apart. The point Donnie’s ministry was valid, Donish MINISTRY was fruitful, Donnie’s ministry was real my brothers proof of that as was my father. Dear dear precious family of Donnie Moore my heart goes out to you I’ve never met You but when Donnie would mention his wonderful wife and children You could see, hear and feel the love and joy in his heart for his family. My heart goes out to big brother Chuck, and Danny and Johnny and your dear sister. I think of Donnie’s legacy and his passion And if any of his children are actively in ministry oh I want to encourage you to pick up that baton and run that race to continue that passion of your father who now sits in the great cloud of witnesses looking down at his children and family and I’m sure he’s cheering you on to press forward with all you have finished your calling to finish your calling and Your races well. And may our Almighty God and father through the Lord Jesus Christ take all that the enemy of our souls says meant for distraction and turn all of it for good and may your father’s legacy live on as you are press forward Into the high callings of your God in Christ Jesus. My sincerest condolences to all of you dear dear dear precious family members of the one who I called brother. I miss him, my heart breaks for him, My heart breaks for all that you went through and the reality of what you his family went through as well as you all did your very best to help him and to love him. I rejoice to think about the rewards that were awaiting him in heaven as he entered through the gates and came before our great father God and our great king Jesus prayed the joy and the shouting and the rejoicing of the thousands of souls that have passed on that came to Christ thru Donnies ministry. I can almost see Donnie looking up as Jesus, with such love and tenderness says, “Enter into your rest my good and faithful servant, welcome home Donnie“


This was heartbreaking news! I attended a camp in 1998, and the speaker was Donnie. He has remained near and dear to my heart as my faith was more or less established that week after hearing his passionate messages. Prayers for the family for comfort.

Michael Green

I met Donnie when he first appeared at Lincoln Neighborhood Church and Eugene Kraft was pastor. Sorry to hear of Donnies passing. Major Depressive Disorder is quite serious. I know. I have it. Fortunately I’m on some good meds. May God hold you and your family close.

Michael J. Green

Pablo Serrano

In November of 2014 the Saturday night before Donnie came to Cathedral of Faith to preach. I was drinking hard with a couple brothers also smoking weed. At the end of the night when everyone left it was just me and my wife and a fight between the 2 of us occurred. A few minutes after the fight the devil spoke to me and convinced me to take my life. By God’s grace I got stopped after hearing another voice telling me not to do it and God will take care of me.  I sat in service that Sunday morning broken, hearing Donnie preach speaking about things related to the exact night I had; at the end of service I surrendered my life to Christ. I have been following the Lord since then, almost 4 years, and because of the impact he had on my life that day in him being obedient and going to Cathedral to speak . I will now leave a legacy of believers serving the Lord still. This is so heart breaking I’m very saddened to hear the cause of death. The Lord used him to reach the lost broken and hopeless. How many families now will leave a legacy of faith for generations because of his obedience to Christ. Love you Donnie see you in the Kingdom brother.  I send my love and prayers to his family during this hard time. Blessings in Jesus Name. Thank you for allowing me to share.