Christina Ibea Patzer

Relationship:Friend (house cleaner)

It is not been very long since I’ve known him but in the short time that I have known him and his family he has been a tremendous blessing of inspiration to me in my life last week when I seen him and spoke to him the first words that came out where thank you so much for helping this house is beautiful . little did he know that he had been the very first person in a very long time time to compliment me as a house cleaner we do sometimes need to hear it and I thought to myself Lord this is why I do what I do it is for people like him and his family he truly is a man of God I have been blessed to. Have known him in the short time that I have known him my prayers are with the family


To friends and family:

I am praying for Cindy and family

Donna DeCarolis

He spoke st our church for years. Trinity Life Center. I have many stories. However, I chose this one. When my daughter was a young teenager Donnie touched her heart so much that he carried one if his bricks for 3 years in Her backpack. Everyday to remind her of how to live. Thank you Donnie for helping my daughter. God bless your family. We will see you again.

Destiny Robles


when I was in 7th grade, my youth Pastor convinced us to go to Chico to a summer camp. It was the theme “Champions” that year.. Not only did I encounter the love of God like never before, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Although I had felt called to ministry since I was a young child, I can not deny the further assurance I felt because of Radical Reality camp. Donnie has prayed over me, spoke into my life, and has been someone I look up to since 2006. After nearly 10 years of camps both as a student and a leader- I can honestly say my life was forever changed. As a youth pastor, I often reflect on my time from these camps. I am forever grateful because of he love of God Donnie showed to me, my siblings, and my youth kids. One of the biggest take always I have from Donnie Moore is the way he knew how to do true ministry of the Gospel, and that was the way he knew how to love people. My personal walk with God has always grown from each and every single message he gave. And I cannot begin to express he lasting impact he had in demonstrating how to be a leader to others by simply following God with everything he had.

Larry Thiel

Relationship: Friend in Farley dorm the year he came to Jesus.

Word on the UOP campus was that Donnie was placed as the Head Resident in our dorm because he would be a good counterweight to the “God Dorm” of Farley Hall. The year before many students had made decisions for Jesus and Donnie as a known wild man would balance this out. Nevertheless, we (this was mainly Paul Schreiner, Jeff Carter and myself) initiated conversations with Donnie about Jesus and he was rather dismissive insisting that he was already “happy.” I recall many conversations in my room or in his Head Resident Suite. (I always tried to talk in my room because when we were in his room he would regularly jump up to play us a record of some sort to see what we thought. Then he would tell the back-story of the artist or the song. More on Donnie and music later)

Donnie’s version of that year was that I prophesized that he would become a Christian. I don’t think it was quite like that. What I recall saying is that he should become a Christian and that when he did he should become and evangelist. Why did I think this?

1. He loved people. Long before Donnie met Jesus we could see that he loved all people. He loved meeting people and connecting with them. I recall going with him to pick our dorm Christmas Tree and while I was loading it up Donnie got into a lengthy conversation about where they got their trees and the history of the Tree Lot. Jesus already had given Donnie a massive heart for people.
2. He loved to talk. Donnie had the gift of gab and especially of story telling. He had a story, joke or anecdote for every situation and was an enthralling personality. Over the years when we would meet up to reconnect he would always insist on meeting in a quiet place because he was worried that people would see him and want to speak with him. Actually the opposite always happened. Donnie would initiate conversations with everyone in the restaurant and could not pay the bill without trying to get to know the server, the busboy or any other random person that walked by.
3 He had courage. One night Donnie saw a guy making the moves on an inebriated young woman. As they went into her dorm room he was worried about her safety. He thought, “How can I get this to stop?” Most of us would have banged on the doors or windows, but Donnie pulled the fire alarm knowing that everyone would have to leave the dorm. But that’s not the end of the story. When the police came, and went inside, Donnie jumped in the patrol car, turned on the siren and drove around the fraternity and sorority circles until he was apprehended. This concern for justice mixed with some ridiculous courage could be redeemed by Jesus and utilized for Gospel purposes.

I share these thoughts because Jesus did not come to destroy life but to give us abundant life. Like the Apostle Paul, Jesus did not change Paul’s personality or neglect his God inspired gifts; Jesus made them all more beautiful and true.

On a humorous note, because Donnie has introduced so many people to Jesus, when Pastors have met me and learned that I knew Donnie, they always assume that Donnie led me to the Lord. Despite my story, I have been introduced as a convert because people cannot fathom that there were Christians before Donnie!

This should be an encouragement to all of us because when we share the Gospel we never know who might come to faith and where God would take them. Donnie certainly outgrew us, but that should give us courage. Andrew was the one who brought Peter to Jesus, and though we rarely hear about Andrew again, Peter made a huge impact on the world. Many of us are Andrews. In Farley dorm, Paul S. befriended Donnie, and Jeff C. spent a number of nights sleeping on Donnie’s floor because Donnie was vulnerable in the first few weeks after his conversion. We all talked with him, spent time together and prayed nightly for him.

Donnie was clear that this was all about Jesus. If we get too fixated on Donnie, we are missing the point. One time he told me that John the Baptist decided to be a “voice” instead of a “name.” Donnie wanted to be a voice for Jesus and not a name. Despite his organization’s name, Donnie was all about pointing people to the true savior because Jesus had radically changed Donnie.

A final note about Cindy: We used to have dances in our dorm lounge and Donnie would always show up at some point and play some of his records. He loved Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” and at some point he would dedicate that song to some girl in the lounge. After he met Cindy, he played and dedicated that song to her at one of our dances. At the end of the song, Cindy cynically asked, “How many girls have you played that song for?” Donnie was cut to the heart and immediately broke the record in two. He said, “She is right.”

I like this story because it highlights the wisdom of Cindy and the changed nature of Donnie after he met Jesus. Donnie was “all in” once Jesus got ahold of him and we all marveled at God’s goodness. And because Donnie was so well known at UOP and had his finger in so many pies (Football, bartender for the Pacific Club, Residential Life etc.) UOP has literally not been the same since Donnie converted.

The world feels a lot smaller without Donnie. But it is a lot better thanks to him.


To friends and family

Cindy: In reflecting on Donnie, I realize I have a number of additional stories that your kids may have never heard about their father. I was there the year before he met Jesus and some of these stories are simply hilarious and they might enjoy hearing them one day. Mourning is different for each person but if it would ever help for me to meet your kids (I met your son a long time ago but he won’t remember that), I’d love to tell them more about their Dad.

Sam Fluery

As a 13 year old boy, I was invited to Radical reality camp. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I had issues that I didn’t know how to solve. My mother had left my family at a young age for her addiction to drugs and became so desperate for drugs that she began to prostitute herself. The anger was deep. The feelings of never measuring up to be enough became my driving force to make myself the best at everything I did. This eventually made me a very angry young man. I ruined all the things that were blessings because I couldn’t let people in. After several camps and years of being challenged to let go, things began to be different. I have my heart to God at a camp and continued to grow. Flash forward 4 years of camps, not only had I learned how to forgive my mom and dad, but that I needed to express it. I flew up to a Washington we’re my mom had been for my whole life but never reached out to me. I met her in a coffee shop and I told her about what God had done in my heart. I forgave her, cried and prayed with her. The last camp I was at Donnie had spoken a calling over my life and I’m blessed to say that God has called me to full time ministry. God has blessed my with an amazing wife. We are both youth pastors now. The best part of y testimony is that’s God changed me, but He used that act of obedience and moved a mountain. My mom gave her heart to Jesus, gave up her old ways and now serves in the local church helping girls who are doing what she did for so long find hope and healing! I wouldn’t be where I was without Donnie. He’s a legend. His legacy and story will live on throughout generations. He’s loved and I’m saddened by the loss but rejoice with the reality that He met Jesus face to face and heard, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”
Words for the family:

I know there is great grief right now. But there is also great joy in knowing where Donnie is. But there is also great joy knowing where SO many others are right now because of him. Heavens a bigger place because of that hero!

Love you all!

Samuel Fleury
Associate Youth Director at VantagePoint Church

John Anthony Perales

I had the pleasure of working with Donnie and his Power Team. Several times, he visited the Gilroy Unified School District middle schools and high schools and HE MADE A DIFFERENCE for our students! I can still see the faces of the students when he shared his love for life and his love for Christ! More importantly, he kept it real and didn’t sugar coat life and the struggles life puts in front of us. As the presentations would conclude, students would gather and line up to meet and share their personal struggles with Donnie. He and his team would spend the time to meet each student and minister to them. More importantly, Donnie was my friend! I am a better man for knowing Donnie and for that I am forever indebted to him.
I don’t know why things come to be as they are in this fallen world of ours. I can’t even begin to understand why God called Donnie home early in his ministry. What I do know is that I will see him again, we will have the opportunity to catch-up and we’ll workout together. Donnie made a difference for students and thousands of people. He will be dearly missed! Rest easy my friend, until we see each other again.


To friends and family

Our deepest condolences, the Perales Family ~


I had gotten saved January 15,2002 at lakeview through a meeting they had that night i was 17 years old, I went to his camp and was totally changed. Sermon he preached was 5 reasons why i don’t want my family and friend’s to go to hell…Donnie was THE EXAMPLE OF AGAPE LOVE HE DISPLAYED THE LOVE OF CHRIST WITHOUT QUESTION WITHOUT JUDGEMENT JUST LOVE❤ AM 36 AND STILL SERVING THE LORD MY GIRL’S HAVE GONE TO ALL HIS CAMP THANK YOU DONNIE FOR LOVING THE BROKEN AND THE LOST THE HURTING… THANK YOU FOR YOUR LEGACY IM FOREVER ETERNALLY GREATFUL WE NEED MORE DONNIE’S IN THIS WORLD.I LOVE YOU💔❤😢

To friends and family:

Steph Kelly

My first memory of Donnie was when he and the Radical Reality team came to Green Valley when I was like 6. He had done an alter call and around that time my mom developed epilepsy. I remember standing by my dad, watching him pray over people, laying hands in his way, and I didn’t know about being slain in the Spirit and didn’t register that other people were being laid out.  I saw him lay hands on my mom and she was slain, I freaked because I thought he caused my mom to have a seizure. Later my parents talked to me about it and now it’s one of my fond memories which we still laugh about. I have been going to RR Camp since 2002, been a camper, counselor, and on program team. One of my favorite things about Donnie beyond his huge heart was his sense of humor. I was on the team that started ‘Donnie Freaking Moore’ and I’ve always loved how he received it and how he joined in in celebrating and dancing with the students. It was at camp that I received my spiritual tongues, my calling, and built many many friendships not to mention felt the movement of the Holy Spirit, witnessed miracles, and experienced God’s love on a very real level. Donnie’s heart for young people and perseverance has left an enormous impact on my life. I don’t know where I’d be without his influence in my life. Last year at camp, he sat with me and encouraged me through the hard year I was going through. He has been like a father figure in my life and I’m so grateful for his life.

To friends and family:

I can’t imagine what you, the Moore family, are going through. I’m sure you have heard this from thousands of people across the country, but my heart and prayers go out to you. Not only has Donnie been and influence in my life but so has your family. I’m grateful for your hearts and your lives. I will continue to pray for your family and friends through this difficult time. I love you guys and am praying comfort and peace over you. Heaven has receive a fantastic person and it is through Christ we will meet again.

Fayth Ramsey

Donnie. My life was changed at your altars. What you believed in, preached, and taught was unlike anything I had ever heard.
You were at the foundation (aside from Jesus) for my walk and fire for Christ. I just can’t fathom not raising my kids in your camps that saved me.
I’ll never forget being a teenager and you calling me out at an altar saying “God has healed you of your depression, you don’t need to take medication for the rest of your life.” Ten years later I haven’t taken them.
I love you Donnie freakin Moore. I remember you teaching on the Holy Spirit, I was fifteen years old and literally sitting on the edge of my seat with my leg shaking with anxiousness because I wanted what this power was that you spoke of. I couldn’t believe there was such a thing that would link my heart directly to God. I couldn’t believe we had access to it!!! You didn’t even finish the invitation to come down to the altar and I was running up there. I forgave my dad. Forgave my bullies. Forgave my family, everyone. I’ll never forget when your giant hands (that were bigger than my head) prayed for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit and next thing I knew I was on the ground for the next three hours praying in other tongues. The love, joy, peace, and freedom that came over me is what changed my life. I got up from that altar a different person. I went out and brought 20 kids to youth every single week because you believed in me. I brought my best friends back to camp the next year and they got saved. I sent my niece when she was the same age as I was when my life was first changed. I made lifelong friendships that have carried me through my darkest days at YOUR camps. You possessed the love of the father unlike any other to so many people. Donnie; the impact you had on my life is nothing compared to the thousands of others who knew you, but it’s everything to me. I’ll miss you so much.


To friends and family:
A message for My deepest condolences to each and every one of you, if there is anything I can do please let me know.

A Message from the Family

It is with a heavy heart that we share the unexpected passing this morning of our hero… a husband, a father and a friend, Donnie Moore. Our family covets your prayers as we navigate this life altering season. Each of you are near and dear to our hearts as you were to Donnie, so we thank you for your love and support. – Cindy, Brooke, Anna & D.J