Ashley Fonseca

Donnie came and spoke to a group of students in the college ministry st UTSA called Chi Alpha. He talked about Fatherhood and his recognition of how starved our generation is for fathers. He also spoke of how his preaching has caused so many young Christian to seek his embrace after a session as if their hearts at suddenly become open to him as a father figure they desperately lacked. I was one such student, moved to tears by his speaking of the very wounds my heart concealed. I too secretly longed for that embrace, but was lacking the boldness of other students. However, I left that service feeling the embrace his words and heart expressed. Wounds were revealed in me that now suddenly needed attention and healing. It’s been a few years since then and I have come so far in the Lord. I only encountered Donnie once. But it impressed my heart and life in such a way that I have to make it known to you now. That his influence was so powerful and so impacting that there will be fruit from that one encounter for generations. Thank you for sharing him with young growing Christians like me.

Wendy Pauling

This man is one of my heroes! I was so shocked and saddened by the news of his passing as I am sure everyone is. He ministered the love of God so powerfully that it forever changed me. I will always remember his quotes. One of which was, ” Why are you running from God? When he catches you he’s just going to love you.” I will forever see him as a spiritual father. When you looked into those blue eyes it felt like Jesus. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to his precious family. May God carry you through in the way only he can. Love and prayers.Wendy Pauling

Tara Marie Stewart

Praying for you all! I first saw/met Donnie at Harvest church 29yrs ago, I was 10yrs old little girl lost and hurting. I walked up to the front for prayer for my back, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and was in a bulky back brace. My deformed little body ached with every move. I knelt down not even knowing why I walked up to the front. But something Donnie said impacted me greatly. As I was looking down at the floor I felt a giant hand touch my back and all of a sudden I felt God presence for the very first time. I don’t even know how long Donnie prayed for me but afterwards my back began to hurt differently. I asked my mom when we got home if I could remove my brace and sleep with out it. The next morning was our appointment with the specialist to prepare for my surgery. So x-rays were needed. I felt like we waited hours for the doctors to return with our plan. They all walked in the room holding my x-rays and with a strange look. They turned on the light and held up my x-rays and then began to say, we don’t know how this even happened but Tara back went from a 25 degree to only 3!!! Medically she doesn’t have scoliosis anymore!!! My mom burst into tears and I was in shock!! I yelled..JESUS HEALED ME!! HE IS REAL!!! And from that moment on, I have followed Him with everything!! Jesus used Donnie to touch many lives!! I am so thankful today that Jesus used Him to hear a small little girl request which was To know He is real and He hears our prayers! He also taught me to “ask big” and to have the faith to know He does hear us. Last year I watched the same God who heard my cry and healed my back, He heard my daughter cry and healed her back from scoliosis too!! My faith was birthed the night Donnie prayed for me!! And 29 yrs later I still have the same Faith in Our God, our Father who is a Good, GOOD FATHER!!! Again, THANKYOU for sharing your dad/husband with us all, Jesus used His son to touch so many!! And this daughter will be forever grateful!!!

Praying for you all,

Tara Stewart.


I’m so thankful for his Radical Reality ministry camp every summer during my high school years. I looked forward to the week of camp every year.Donnie Moore helped me to grow my faith during high school and although I hit a rough patch after high school, I have never forgotten his conviction, his passion, and his life giving words as he prayed over me during camp one year when I responded to an alter call.
Donnie Moore was a father to the fatherless. His stories consumed me and inspired me over the years. Donnie is the reason I want to become a public speaker and maybe who knows- a pastor leading young people to the Lord like he did. He touched so many young lives and led so many to Christ.
I was truly honored to have met him. His legacy will live on for generations. We need more Donnie Moores in this world living fully unabashedly for Christ on this Earth.
Some of the most meaningful moments of my life happened at Radical Reality camp over the summer. I’ll never forget how I changed and others around me changed.
I thank God for his life and his obedience to the Lord’s call here on earth.


To friends and family

God has called his good and faithful servant Donnie Moore home! I rejoice with you for his life and morn with you for your loss on earth. My deepest sympathy in your time of grieving.

Jamie Barnhardt

My name is Jamie Barnhart, and though I didn’t know Donnie personally, it made a profound impact on my life.
My most cherished memory of Donnie:
Donnie came to hilltop and blew me away with his heart for children and for being the father that many never had. One of my most cherished memories of him is his message on receiving the promise and the many steps that it takes to get there whether it’s through receiving the initial statement of promise from God or going through stages of doubt and spiritual battle, believing that you’re on the right path and trusting God with it all the way is the only way to get into what God has promised you. During this message he introduced our congregation to the Glass Slipper foundation. The organization that helps the kids known as “the trash bag kids.“ as someone who has battled recovering from physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, lack of appropriate father figure and has recovered from many other things including drug addiction and a severe eating disorder that nearly took my life along with the fact that I have a sibling who was forced into human Trafficking… his heart for this organization and for the fatherless really struck a chord in my heart and spirit! As a result, I was inspired to continue to press into God and believe what he has for me. In doing so, I began a clothing and jewelry line called Messenger gear that raises funds for the Glasslipper foundation (currently under construction) and I also began to run again which is something I never thought I’d be able to do (I nearly lost my ability to walk) and enter to run my first marathon after almost 4 years of being taken out of my sport. This man truly inspired me to grab a hold of the promises of God, never let go, and trust Him every step of the way!

To the family,
Though I didn’t know Donnie on a personal level, he left a legacy in my life and in the lives of COUNTLESS individuals. Every time he was there at my church, he took the time to pray for everyone that asked for it. The last time he came, I had to leave early, and this is the decision I’ll regret. Heaven really has a saint, and you all have lost a very wonderful man! I pray the Lord comforts you all and holds you closely during this time! My heart and prayers are with each and everyone of you!

Adriana Cole

Relationship:Camp nurse at one of his youth camps in Oregon

This world has lost a good man. I had the pleasure of being the youth camp nurse the past two summers for Horizon Community Church at Rockaway Beach, Oregon where Donnie was the guest speaker. He spoke powerful words of encouragement over me, over everyone, really. He always ignited fires of hope, healing and strength in the hearts of those he came in contact with. I sat next to him, surrounded by youth raising their hands in worship and getting prayed over, as we shared the earthly weights on our minds, and he put his arm around me and pulled my head to his side as we talked about losing my young son Justus to suicide. In that moment I felt comforted by his father heart, a longing I have missed out on in the physical and emotional absence of my own father.
I can see him now, face to face with his Creator-Redeemer in heaven, with joy unspeakable. My heart is glad for him, yet it aches for all of us still living in the Shadowlands.
R.I.P. Donnie Moore…Rejoice in Paradise <3

Ikrilia Walker

I’m from Florida, i moved to California to be with my now husband. My family is very far from me now, some on Florida, Jamaica etc. My father is in Jamaica and the night i met Donnie i was very sad. I missed my dad so much, at the time it’s been 10 years since I’ve seen him. Well Donnie spoked to me and my husband and we loved him from that moment on. He was so kind and so funny. Well that night like i said, i was very sad cause i missed my dad. Donnie came to me and just said “come here” and gave me the biggest dad hug. Made me feel so warm and at peace. I really think God hugged me through him. This is something i would never forget.

My heart goes out to every one of you deeply affected by Donnie’s passing. I don’t know his family or friends but i do love everyone of you and I pray for peace and understanding in this sad time. Remember that heaven gained such a wonderful man of God! God bless everyone of you.


Relationship:Donnie visited our church many times, my son went to his camp for several years

My son didn’t start really getting into church until he went to Donnie’s youth camp and church youth group. He has such amazing memories of being filled with the Holy Spirit at camp. He loved watching Donnie and his crew at church events and baseball games breaking bricks and bending frying pans. He has a frying pan signed by Donnie which he will always treasure. He was sad that his younger sister will not get to see Donnie at camp.

In November 2014 my mom had lost her only son to cancer at age 50. A week later I told her Donnie Moore was visiting our church so she came to visit. After church we went to lunch and happened to go to the same restaurant that Donnie and Pastor D’s family was at. She started talking to Donnie and told him she had just lost her son, showing her a pendant she wore with a picture of him. They talked briefly then we went on our way. That evening we went to the church service as Donnie was preaching again. In the middle of the service he called my mom out and asked her to stand. He went to her and gave her a big bear hug and said he had been waiting to do that all day long. You have no idea how important that was to her, that someone she really didn’t know acknowledged her pain and the loss of her son, someone showed her love and friendship during her time of need. We will never forget that simple act of kindness and the blessing that was poured out on us just from that simple acknowledgement. My mom – and all of us loved Donnie and will never forget his messages and love.

– Christine

Our prayers are with you during this time. God has him in his arms now and you will always have him in your hearts until you see him again.
Donnie was a world changer, we need more people like him.

God bless you and your family.