Jazmin Johansen

Donnie has not only made a difference in my life but has touched a multiple of other kids. He truly had a heart after God. I’ll never forget the day he came down to preach at our church and he told me “Jazmin it’s up to you now to decide if you want him, you can’t just live on your moms faith you have to pursue jesus for yourself”!! And man oh man I smiled and said “yes Donnie” but inside I wasn’t very fond him in that very moment because he called me out lol but he was right and I don’t think I would be where I am today if I didn’t have someone with that care and honesty to tell me straight up:). For that I am forever grateful for Donnie and all the reckless/camp memories that I cherish and hold dear to my heart. He truly was a hero.

Roy and Kelly Hale

Our Tributes to Donnie Moore:

From Roy Hale Sr.- The year was 1984…I had grown up in church my whole life, and was asked by Beth Borden Lambdin to attend a Chi Alpha meeting at UOP….it was there I met a fiery young preacher named Donnie Moore. I had never in all my years going to church heard someone speak like that! I remember looking around at the teenagers, crying and on fire for the Lord! As I sat there listening to Donnie speak, about halfway through his message he stops, looks and points at me and says, “God has a plan for your life, and if you allow Him to, He will change you and use you to save generations .” Nobody had ever spoke to me like that, and spoke over my life in such a bold and confident way. That was the beginning of a new kind of relationship with the Lord. I went to a Radical Reality Camp and in 1985 Donnie baptized me along with Cliff Borden. I knew how anointed Donnie was and that if I ever wanted to get a hold of my friends I just needed to get them to come and hear Donnie preach. One time I was challenged to invite my football team to a service. I got about 30 guys from my Lincoln High School football team and class to come and hear Donnie preach. I remember being really nervous about what these guys were going to think and what Donnie was going to say…but as he spoke, the anointing hit and I watched every one of them accept the Lord and walk to the alter…Donnie was holding some of the toughest guys I had known in his chest as they wept. As the years went by, I continues to attend camps, and Donnie continued to speak into my life. He birthed a dream in me! I love youth and camps and believe that if we can get kids to a place
where they can encounter God…they will be changed. A few years later I met my wife and as I brought her to Lakeview Assembly church, she walked the aisle responding to one of Donnie’s life changing messages as well making Jesus her Lord and savior. Donnie married us in 1989. Fast forward to years later…our 3 oldest children have attended Donnie’s Camps, Donnie, Cindy and their children always encouraging and loving us. My wife and I are in full time ministry, our sons and daughters are preaching the gospel and loving Jesus too! We have countless friends and acquaintances that have come through Donnie’s teaching and camps and so many ministries that have been birthed because of Donnie’s love, passion and big heart! I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be if I never had met that fiery young man back in 84, my life, my wife and children and families lives…I truly owe so much to Donnie’s influence. I have had the privilege of running Paintball Camps for over 20 years…during those camps all ages pass through, kids, moms, dads, grandparents….etc. A few years ago, I remember looking out into the crowd and hearing Donnie’s words in my head telling me that one day God would use me to bring generations together…I have had the privilege of seeing his words over me come to pass…and I don’t take it for granted.
Thank you Donnie for speaking truth boldly and courageously. Thank you for loving like God the father. Thank you for calling me out and believing in me. Thank you for running camps so that my children could have the same God encounters I have had. Thank you for joining Kelly and I together and always encouraging and being proud of us. Thank you for speaking LIFE and calling out RJ, Tyler and Ashlyn’s God given gifts over them…Thank you for coming to Paintball Camp and loving on generations…Thank you for not abandoning the call.

You were bigger than life and your life on earth is being outlived by the tremendous legacy you have left…so far reaching that only heaven truly knows.

Thank you Cindy, Brooke, Anna and D.J. for sharing your husband and father with us. We are praying for you and our heart aches for you…

Donnie…we will see you again, what a hope we have…we love you ❤

❤ Roy, Kelly, R.J., Tyler, Ashlyn, Madison and Gianna Hale

Dwayn and Judy Speers

We still have a hard time believing that this giant man of God has passed. Donnie was, and forever will be a legend of love, faith, and encouragement to us. He touched so many lives and our family were some of those. He was a huge influence in our children’s lives in his camps and then he touched our lives personally as parents as we got to know him personally when he came to the churches we pastored. Donnie was unique and his ministry was unique. The anointing that was upon him was amazing to watch as he would preach and demonstrate God’s love and grace to people. And then to watch as he would pray over people and see the results of his faith and belief for individuals was incredible. You don’t ever replace men of God like Donnie Moore. You just miss them and they remain a special memory in your heart. We will miss Donnie very much and his memory will remain. There’s a great loss that we are feeling today, but a joy in knowing that in just a little while there is going to be a family reunion like we have never ever known. There is coming a day very soon when all of God’s children will be reunited once again and we will see this great giant of faith.

To Donnie’s family, our hearts are heavy today for you, but as we pray and lift you up to God, we know that’s God’s love and comfort will sustain you during this time of loss. Love and prayers are coming to you all from Rocklin from Dwayn and Judy Speers

Makayla Thompson

Donnie moore baptized me as a baby. My parents are Katja&Jereme Gromer. I saw this and have cried for 2 days thinking about what i could say. Donnie was an amazing man i followed him around california to watch his radical reality performances and tolisten to the testimonies of others. He was a god given man wholoved the lord and everything he stands for. He loved his family, his friends, and he loved what he did best being a part of radical reality and inspiring yound adults like myself to become so much more than we though we could through christ alone. I really wish my husband and my son could have met him he really was a truly amazing man. R.I.P Donnie youwill alaways and forever be loved and cherished here on earth as you are in the arms of the lord in heaven

Mark Mendoza

I went to Donnie Moore’s camp when I was 16 years old. I was new to Christianity and felt out of place. By the end of the week, I didn’t want to leave. I gave my life to God that week and confessed that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. My heart was full for the Lord and Donnie was a big part of it. His heart for God was a light for us all. I’m saying this now, as a 32 year old God Fearing Man. Thank you Donnie for being an example and Praying for me as a young teen. I and many others will never forget the impact you had in our lives.

Karlie Perpich

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of this incredible man. What a legend he was and what a legacy he left behind. When I first saw this my heart instantly broke. I couldn’t believe what I was reading… but what a party heaven is having now with him there. I did not know him personally, but he changed my life forever about 7 years ago in the gym of my high school at Evangel Christian Academy. I was never really interested in chapel until he came along and showed me that Jesus loves me the way that I am. That I didn’t need to become somebody I wasn’t. He helped me see that I had purpose and that God created me for something special. I was able to find confidence in myself that I hadn’t found before. I was able to create a personal relationship with Jesus and I was able to feel the love that he has for me.  Those days that he spent teaching us in that gym were SO SPECIAL to me and I will NEVER forget Donnie Moore. I am 24 years old now and the words he spoke still mean so much to me. I just wanted to share this because I wanted somebody to know the difference he made in my life. Thank you for changing my life forever Donnie Moore.

Praying for his family through this time

Karlie Perpich

Kris Johnson

As I’m sitting in the beautiful Couer D’ Alene area my mind and heart just goes racing back to so many memories of Donnie. At the age of 14 he came off the stage in the middle of service at New Life walking through crowds of people just to get to a broken little girl and wrapped his arms around me,  while I was terrified at the moment and so broken he held me as tight as he could, ( I may have thought he was going to squish me?) but prayed life over me. He was there when I got Baptised , He was there when I got married, and one of the very few who have been to Idaho to see me since I’ve been married in 25 years. There were few people in my life I wanted to make proud but Donnie was definitely one of them. The countless hours that Donnie and & Cindy would spend with me I’ll always be so incredibly greatful for. For all the times they let me just hang with them in their house, go shopping, and just be a part of their family . He will forever be one of the best Preachers, and storytellers of all time. I am pretty certain I will miss his hugs the most no one can match those. Donnie’s Integrity can’t be matched , his humility and love for people is absolutely contagious… and so beautiful.  I’ll always remember the countless  times we would be at restaurants after church and he would always just love on the servers with such grace  I’m sure he never new those moments marked my life and taught me more than he would ever know!  oh how I wish I could thank him for that one lesson alone along with the thousand others.

I adore their family more than life itself… and still remember the miracle of finding out Cindy was pregnant with Brooke for the first time. I think I was 16. I was so excited I went out and bought her a new stroller and had it delivered lol. I am pretty sure that must have been a lot for a 16 yer old girl. I guess thru the years he’s played a lot of roles in my life. Pastor, father, mentor, leader, hero and FRIEND
I ❤ YOU DONNIE, you will always be missed but never forgotten.

I will do my best to make you proud

and if I can even remotely love and lead people the way you do  I will have made you proud. I will at least live my days trying.

Cindy, Brooke, Anna and DJ I love you all so much!  If you need anything at I’m only a phone call and a flight away!!!


Taylor Simmons

The time I was able to spend with Donnie was very brief, but I always felt a desire to reach higher for Jesus after we were through hanging out. He was a man of incredible strength, but his faith exceeded that even more. That’s what I take away most from this wonderful man of God. My mission is reaching and discipling student athletes at Sam Houston State University through Chi Alpha. I first met Donnie in October of 2016, when he was doing a talk with the baseball team here at SHSU and after he was through, I gave him a ride back to his hotel after we made a stop at Jack In The Box, so he could get tacos and tea with a lot of ice. During the drive, he asked if I was reaching student athletes here at SHSU. I told him that I wasn’t and Donnie began to share his heart with me as to why reaching these guys mattered. It really tugged at my heart and I knew that was the Holy Spirit. A year later, that would become my mission. I was so excited to learn that Donnie was going to be the main speaker at South Central SALT in 2017 and I had hoped that an opportunity would come that I’d be able to visit with him and share what I was now doing. My wife and I were about to get on the elevator in the hotel and out come Donnie. I felt kinda speechless at first, but then Donnie remembered my name and gave me a hug and I was quite surprised by that, seeing as how our first visit was brief. Donnie took some time to hangout with me during SALT to talk about his experiences in ministering to athletes and God used him to give me vision and more faith in what Jesus was going to accomplish through the guys I’m ministering to. That would be the last time I would get to hangout with Donnie in person. We had what seemed like two brief spontaneous hangouts that would impact my life in ministry forever. I will never forget those two occasions I’ve spent with Donnie for the rest of my life. On April 19th, I sent a text to Donnie with a picture attached that I’ve placed below to encourage him with what God is doing on our campus among the SHSU football team. This is what the message said and I hope that he got to read it.
“Hey Donnie, I just wanted to say “Thank You” for giving me your time and thoughts over SALT about reaching athletes. Wanted to let you know that this spring semester in this picture above is currently what’s been happening. I’ve met 7 hungry men on the Sam football team and we have a small group that I’m leading and they are always asking questions and really desiring to know Jesus and they have a burden for their teammates. I’m overwhelmed by what Jesus is doing here among these guys at Sam Houston State and I’m grateful for your encouragement and the model you’ve set friend. These guys here would love to meet you one day and Coach Deggs and the baseball team would gladly welcome you again man. Praying for you and hope this encourages you as it has for me. Thank you Donnie. ??”


To friends and family

To Donnie’s family and friends, I send my deepest sympathies and prayers during this time of loss. I take heart the things he shared with me about being a husband and a father and I’m very grateful for it. Thank you to all of you that ministered to Donnie as he carried out the advancement of God’s kingdom. So many lives were impacted for Jesus through this man and he will be greatly missed. Heaven welcomes an incredible man and Donnie is now in the presence of Jesus.

Kenny Snyder

Donnie was at our neighbors house in Tualatin ( Jay and Stacie Anderson – Oregon A/G District Youth Directors at the time) and he came outside and over to our place – we were friends since I had already led worship with him at several events by that time. He held our new little girl Sara and loved on her, posing for pictures and just being the larger-than-life man that he always was. He also took time to love on our baby sitter (not a Christian) and tell her of her true identity. It really impacted her life that day. Well, just a few months ago he was back in Tualatin and walked in to Starbucks where our daughter Sara, now 23, was working. Just like he had done so long ago, he blessed our daughter through speaking identity into her life, telling her how beautiful she was!. It meant the world to her. She woke up Friday, June 1, and had Donnie on her heart. She was perhaps reminiscing about the recent encounter, but hadn’t thought of him for several months. It was the very morning God called Donnie home. He works in mysterious ways. She was dumbfounded when she heard the news a few hours later. Twenty-three years of Donnie influencing Sara and our other three children has left an indelible mark on their lives, and Tricia’s and mine as well. Donnie’s life has always called us into deeper intimacy with God and unbridled passion for souls. There will never be another quite like Donnie Moore.

Our hearts go out to all of you precious family. We are praying for you and so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing Donnie with us and millions more. I’m sure it was with great sacrifice many times. We are eternally grateful to you all for the gift of Donnie.

Todd Tomlinson

The first time I met Donnie was back in I believe 2011 when he came and spoke to the Horizon Community Church high school kids. It was an evening event and the Horizon gym was full of high school students. Several kids got up and spoke about how they were going to be different than their predecessors, how they were going to follow Jesus with their whole heart, how they were going to be examples for others to see how living for Christ impacts their lives. There were waves of emotions from the kids and Donnie was up front leading that night. The kids all said that it was Donnie’s messages over the previous few days that sparked them to step up and be strong. That night demonstrated to me the tremendous impact that Donnie had on the kids at Horizon as well as kids all around the country.
I have always looked forward to Donnie’s visits to Horizon and as a “2nd row” attender, always sat behind him in service and had many opportunities to shake his hand. His passing on to Heaven has impacted me significantly these past few days. Donnie will be greatly missed by all of those who knew him. The ripples of his ministry will be felt for generations.

I have no doubt that Donnie was welcomed into Heaven with a “well done my good and faithful servant”.

I look forward to seeing you in Heaven!