Relationship:Donnie visited our church many times, my son went to his camp for several years

My son didn’t start really getting into church until he went to Donnie’s youth camp and church youth group. He has such amazing memories of being filled with the Holy Spirit at camp. He loved watching Donnie and his crew at church events and baseball games breaking bricks and bending frying pans. He has a frying pan signed by Donnie which he will always treasure. He was sad that his younger sister will not get to see Donnie at camp.

In November 2014 my mom had lost her only son to cancer at age 50. A week later I told her Donnie Moore was visiting our church so she came to visit. After church we went to lunch and happened to go to the same restaurant that Donnie and Pastor D’s family was at. She started talking to Donnie and told him she had just lost her son, showing her a pendant she wore with a picture of him. They talked briefly then we went on our way. That evening we went to the church service as Donnie was preaching again. In the middle of the service he called my mom out and asked her to stand. He went to her and gave her a big bear hug and said he had been waiting to do that all day long. You have no idea how important that was to her, that someone she really didn’t know acknowledged her pain and the loss of her son, someone showed her love and friendship during her time of need. We will never forget that simple act of kindness and the blessing that was poured out on us just from that simple acknowledgement. My mom – and all of us loved Donnie and will never forget his messages and love.

– Christine

Our prayers are with you during this time. God has him in his arms now and you will always have him in your hearts until you see him again.
Donnie was a world changer, we need more people like him.

God bless you and your family.