Pete and Toni Morrison

I will never forget meeting you, Cindy, in our Physics For Everyone Class. We wound up lab partners. I am forever grateful to God for putting us together. I soon found out that you were going to marry Donnie Moore. I guess the look on my face told all. The wildest guy on campus marrying Cindy??? What??? You gently touched my arm and said, “Oh Toni, didn’t you hear? Donnie got saved?” Well, I had not heard. What great news! I remember thinking, if Donnie Moore got saved there is hope for everyone, and what a catch he has with Cindy. A marriage made in heaven for sure. The following fall, Donnie and Cindy started Chi-Alpha Christian Fellowship at UOP with 5 of us. He was so dedicated to the call of God on his life, and wanted all of us to fulfill our God given destinies as well. He was an inspiration to everyone. He met with us diligently everyday to pray. Sometimes it was hard to find a place to pray. I remember for a while we met in the laundry room at Phi Delta Chi, LOL. That first year the Lord grew Chi-Alpha from 5 students to over 300. I remember as Donnie preached, the power of the Holy Spirit would visit us as students were saved, healed, delivered and sent out to minister. What a great leader, and friend. It was an honor to serve with you two all of those years. Love you Bro. You fought the good fight. Pete and I will miss you. See you on the other side.

Larry Thiel

Relationship: Friend in Farley dorm the year he came to Jesus.

Word on the UOP campus was that Donnie was placed as the Head Resident in our dorm because he would be a good counterweight to the “God Dorm” of Farley Hall. The year before many students had made decisions for Jesus and Donnie as a known wild man would balance this out. Nevertheless, we (this was mainly Paul Schreiner, Jeff Carter and myself) initiated conversations with Donnie about Jesus and he was rather dismissive insisting that he was already “happy.” I recall many conversations in my room or in his Head Resident Suite. (I always tried to talk in my room because when we were in his room he would regularly jump up to play us a record of some sort to see what we thought. Then he would tell the back-story of the artist or the song. More on Donnie and music later)

Donnie’s version of that year was that I prophesized that he would become a Christian. I don’t think it was quite like that. What I recall saying is that he should become a Christian and that when he did he should become and evangelist. Why did I think this?

1. He loved people. Long before Donnie met Jesus we could see that he loved all people. He loved meeting people and connecting with them. I recall going with him to pick our dorm Christmas Tree and while I was loading it up Donnie got into a lengthy conversation about where they got their trees and the history of the Tree Lot. Jesus already had given Donnie a massive heart for people.
2. He loved to talk. Donnie had the gift of gab and especially of story telling. He had a story, joke or anecdote for every situation and was an enthralling personality. Over the years when we would meet up to reconnect he would always insist on meeting in a quiet place because he was worried that people would see him and want to speak with him. Actually the opposite always happened. Donnie would initiate conversations with everyone in the restaurant and could not pay the bill without trying to get to know the server, the busboy or any other random person that walked by.
3 He had courage. One night Donnie saw a guy making the moves on an inebriated young woman. As they went into her dorm room he was worried about her safety. He thought, “How can I get this to stop?” Most of us would have banged on the doors or windows, but Donnie pulled the fire alarm knowing that everyone would have to leave the dorm. But that’s not the end of the story. When the police came, and went inside, Donnie jumped in the patrol car, turned on the siren and drove around the fraternity and sorority circles until he was apprehended. This concern for justice mixed with some ridiculous courage could be redeemed by Jesus and utilized for Gospel purposes.

I share these thoughts because Jesus did not come to destroy life but to give us abundant life. Like the Apostle Paul, Jesus did not change Paul’s personality or neglect his God inspired gifts; Jesus made them all more beautiful and true.

On a humorous note, because Donnie has introduced so many people to Jesus, when Pastors have met me and learned that I knew Donnie, they always assume that Donnie led me to the Lord. Despite my story, I have been introduced as a convert because people cannot fathom that there were Christians before Donnie!

This should be an encouragement to all of us because when we share the Gospel we never know who might come to faith and where God would take them. Donnie certainly outgrew us, but that should give us courage. Andrew was the one who brought Peter to Jesus, and though we rarely hear about Andrew again, Peter made a huge impact on the world. Many of us are Andrews. In Farley dorm, Paul S. befriended Donnie, and Jeff C. spent a number of nights sleeping on Donnie’s floor because Donnie was vulnerable in the first few weeks after his conversion. We all talked with him, spent time together and prayed nightly for him.

Donnie was clear that this was all about Jesus. If we get too fixated on Donnie, we are missing the point. One time he told me that John the Baptist decided to be a “voice” instead of a “name.” Donnie wanted to be a voice for Jesus and not a name. Despite his organization’s name, Donnie was all about pointing people to the true savior because Jesus had radically changed Donnie.

A final note about Cindy: We used to have dances in our dorm lounge and Donnie would always show up at some point and play some of his records. He loved Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” and at some point he would dedicate that song to some girl in the lounge. After he met Cindy, he played and dedicated that song to her at one of our dances. At the end of the song, Cindy cynically asked, “How many girls have you played that song for?” Donnie was cut to the heart and immediately broke the record in two. He said, “She is right.”

I like this story because it highlights the wisdom of Cindy and the changed nature of Donnie after he met Jesus. Donnie was “all in” once Jesus got ahold of him and we all marveled at God’s goodness. And because Donnie was so well known at UOP and had his finger in so many pies (Football, bartender for the Pacific Club, Residential Life etc.) UOP has literally not been the same since Donnie converted.

The world feels a lot smaller without Donnie. But it is a lot better thanks to him.


To friends and family

Cindy: In reflecting on Donnie, I realize I have a number of additional stories that your kids may have never heard about their father. I was there the year before he met Jesus and some of these stories are simply hilarious and they might enjoy hearing them one day. Mourning is different for each person but if it would ever help for me to meet your kids (I met your son a long time ago but he won’t remember that), I’d love to tell them more about their Dad.

Dennis Gaylor

Donnie Moore, former Chi Alpha campus minister, University of Pacific, Stockon, California, died Friday,June 1, 2018, at age 60.

HIs ministry began with Chi Alpha, but Donnie’s ministry would become nationwide ( after Chi Alpha. For 30 years Donnie was an evangelist, preacher, and motivational speaker. He traveled nationwide with his organization, Radical Reality, and presented “feats of strength” and gave powerful messages on hope in assemblies at public schools and youth camps.

Donnie had been a quarterback and a baseball pitcher during his college days. As an athlete/ bodybuilder (weightlifter) he first began in 1987 ministering to professional athletes. He started with the Oakland A’s and eventually spoke in chapels, field houses, team’s dugouts and locker rooms, church services, to every team in the American league, and most in the national league, and the major and minor leagues in baseball. At age 60 on his birthday, he pressed 500 pounds.

I first met Donnie as a campus revival was occurring at the University of the Pacific in the 1980s. After Donnie gave his life to Christ, he said, “I’m sick and tired of the sin that has wrecked so many lives on campus.” He wanted to see college students experience God as he did.

God moved mightily at UOP. Frat guys and Sorority girls received Christ and were baptized in the Holy Spirit. More than 125 students attended and 18 Bible studies were conducted across the campus. His wife Cindy established a Campus Missionary-in-Training program to train campus workers. The impact was eternal as so many students came to Christ and went on to become evangelists, campus missionaries, pastors, national leaders, and Spirit-filled Christians in the marketplace and committed Christian husbands and wives. In Chi Alpha alone, Donnie had a far-reaching impact that continues to this day. It would be impossible to measure the influence that Donnie had on Chi Alpha then and now, even though his ministry moved beyond Chi Alpha.

It was only 6 months ago (January 2018) that Donnie spoke at Chi Alpha’s South Central SALT in Dallas. He had a powerful ministry that week seeing students experience forgiveness and salvation, and others baptized in the Holy Spirit, and many received the call of God on their lives.

Donnie is survived by Cindy, his wife, and three adult children: Brooke, Anna, and DJ. They are a wonderful family. We all will miss this great leader and hero. Remember the Moore family in your prayers.

Dennis and Barbara Gaylor
Former national Chi Alpha director, 1979-2013


To friends and family

Cindy, Brooke, Anna and DJ, you are loved so much. Your dad was a remarkable man of God, and I am sure a great husband and father. HIs legacy will live on for years to come.
He has touched the lives of so many and advanced the kingdom of God. Chi Alpha is grateful for his far-reaching contribution to so many college students lives. Your dad will be missed.

Steve Rutledge

I met Donnie in the mid 80’s while serving as Youth Pastor at Faith Assembly in Sacramento. Donnie and the Team did so much for the young folks of our church and city.
We stayed in touch from that day to now.
When I took a position at Century Assrmbly in Lodi we often found our way to UOP to join the College students who gathered to Worship and hear the Word at the Cai Alpha meetings there.
Donnie never seemed to forget anyone and showed genuine interest in what was happening in our lives.
From time to time my wife and I would get his attention at A’s games and he would come over with that huge smile to spend a few minutes and even ask us to pray for the Team (A’s).
We last spoke to Donnie at Applebees in Lodi and he again wanted to know what we were doing and encouraged us to check out a number of ministry opportunities he knew were available. We had a great time as always talking and catching up.
We look forward to catching up with Donnie again, next time in Heaven.

Comfort, Strength and Peace thst passes all understanding to Donnie’s wife, Cindy, his children Brooke, Anna, DJ, to the Radical Reality Team and former members, Sean Smith, Darwin Benjamin, and all who were close to this wonderful, loving man and warrior of God

love, camp, encouragement

Donnie was an amazing evangelist and minister. But get him off the stage and out from behind the pulpit and he was one of the most fun loving guys you could ever know. He was always having fun, except during flag football games at UOP then he got a little intense. He was high on life and high on Jesus all the time. I remember being over at his house on Longview avenue with Sean Smith, Jeff Foust and some other guys just hanging out. I told him I was getting married and he stopped, did this slow turn, looked at me and was like “WHAAAATTTT?” I knew he was joking but that was him. A couple of years ago he came to Harvest Church in Elk Grove, he gave me on his big bear hugs and said “I love you bro.” That was the last thing he ever said to me. Thing is I went to UOP to be part of Chi Alpha. I was planning on going to Cal Poly. But if I don’t meet Donnie I don’t go to UOP, I may not have stayed in Stockton and I would not have met my wife in Lodi. Donnie Moore was a major part of my life and I will miss him dearly.
The thoughts and prayers of my entire family are with you.

Wendy Fung

Relationship:Attendee of a service and camp counselor in the 1990s

Hi- I was a UOP student in 1991. On Sunday May 12, 1991 I somehow ended up at a service in a theater/church in Lodi , CA where Donnie was speaking. He was sharing a story about his Sunday School teacher and what am impact that man had in his life. After the service, he started to walk the aisles of this large church and he ended up right in front of me (keep in mind, I’m 4″10′, little Asian). He asked me my name and then proceeded to tell me that I have been trying to put God in a box and then added a whole bunch of things that I didn’t understand how he knew. In the end, he asked if I wanted to accept Jesus into my heart and I said no. (My analytical mind wanted to know if someone had tipped him off to my life). Later, I found out he was operating in the word of knowledge. One week later on May 18th, I did accept Christ into my life. Needless to say my life has never been the same and 27 years later I am still loving the Lord. I served as camp counselor those few years that I was in college and I remember having the wildest times with those kids! I have very fond memories of this time in my life! Thank you Donnie for you faithfulness in serving and loving the Lord!

My prayers and heart goes out to you. Thank you for your faithful love and support for Donnie as your father and husband. I know that “the ministry” was fruitful because of what each of you did and maybe even had to sacrifice. I am someone that came out of your ministry and I love love the Lord because of what started in 1991. Thank you!

Nancy McKissick

Donnie was a friend and leader from the good old UOP days
Wow, first let me say I am so saddened to hear of the passing of Donnie. I can still think back to the time when I first met Donnie. I was a freshman at UOP, and was the quarterback for a powder puff girls football team. Donnie came over and started talking with me and said, “You have got to meet my wife.” This was a God ordained conversation that led to many blessings and friendships in the years to come.

Cindy, we met, and you went on to become my mentor, teacher of the Word, my discipler, prayer partner, Godly example, and dear friend.
I loved to worship and learn with you, Donnie, and Chi Alpha, and I so appreciate the many times and years together.

The last time I saw Donnie was about a year and a half ago. We laughed, reminisced, called Cindy, and talked about us getting together. I was so thankful to see Donnie then, but am saddened to know our journey on earth will not allow for Donnie to be included when we do get together. (Did I really get so busy that so much time has passed?)
I send love, prayers, thankfulness, gratefulness, and encouragement to all of Donnie’s dear family and friends.

Hello Sweet Cindy and your beautiful kiddos – Brooke, Anna, and DJ,

I am so sorry for your loss. I know Donnie as a wonderful man, husband, father, friend, and child of God.
I know he is with the Lord, but in the moments to come, even though you know he is with the Lord, our human side experiences loss, sadness, and grief. I feel for each of you and am praying that your hearts may know God’s deep comfort and love, and that His presence may come upon you moment by moment.
I love you, and am so very thankful the Lord allowed us to meet way back when, and am so grateful for the many years together!
Much love, admiration, and thoughts,
Nancy McKissick