Adrienne Brown

I met Donnie Moore when I was 16 (29 years ago) and it was a life changer. I was delivered from terrible fear and for the first time that I can remember I slept without waking up in a sweat of fear- it was amazing. He ministered the very life of God into my broken soul. I have it written in my bible. When he hugged me I thought wow this is what safe feels like. I am forever grateful for the anointing on his life that broke the yoke off of me.

Lan Vien

Donnie was sharing a message at Lighthouse church in Sonoma back in 2015 and at the end of his message he asked for anyone who needed a miracle to come forward. My husband and I have been trying to a baby with no success so I stepped forward asking for a miracle. Donnie found his way to me in the crowd and prayed for me. A few days later I found out I was pregnant and my husband and I were so thrilled and we knew this was the miracle we had prayed/ asked for during service. Our daughter was born July 21,2016 and we had the pleasure of introducing her to Donnie on Mother’s Day in 2017. Growing up in church I have met Donnie many times but having him pray for me was the first time ever and our family will never forget it. He was such an amazing person and he definitely let an imprint on our lives. Sean & Lan Farrell

Live well. Laugh often. Love much.
And always keep the faith.

Tara Marie Stewart

Praying for you all! I first saw/met Donnie at Harvest church 29yrs ago, I was 10yrs old little girl lost and hurting. I walked up to the front for prayer for my back, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and was in a bulky back brace. My deformed little body ached with every move. I knelt down not even knowing why I walked up to the front. But something Donnie said impacted me greatly. As I was looking down at the floor I felt a giant hand touch my back and all of a sudden I felt God presence for the very first time. I don’t even know how long Donnie prayed for me but afterwards my back began to hurt differently. I asked my mom when we got home if I could remove my brace and sleep with out it. The next morning was our appointment with the specialist to prepare for my surgery. So x-rays were needed. I felt like we waited hours for the doctors to return with our plan. They all walked in the room holding my x-rays and with a strange look. They turned on the light and held up my x-rays and then began to say, we don’t know how this even happened but Tara back went from a 25 degree to only 3!!! Medically she doesn’t have scoliosis anymore!!! My mom burst into tears and I was in shock!! I yelled..JESUS HEALED ME!! HE IS REAL!!! And from that moment on, I have followed Him with everything!! Jesus used Donnie to touch many lives!! I am so thankful today that Jesus used Him to hear a small little girl request which was To know He is real and He hears our prayers! He also taught me to “ask big” and to have the faith to know He does hear us. Last year I watched the same God who heard my cry and healed my back, He heard my daughter cry and healed her back from scoliosis too!! My faith was birthed the night Donnie prayed for me!! And 29 yrs later I still have the same Faith in Our God, our Father who is a Good, GOOD FATHER!!! Again, THANKYOU for sharing your dad/husband with us all, Jesus used His son to touch so many!! And this daughter will be forever grateful!!!

Praying for you all,

Tara Stewart.

Lexee Staggs

Well i first met him in July of 2016 at Radical Reality camp. Cj introduced me and Donnie and I clicked right away. He was such a inspiration to me, i remember it was July 14 2016 (the day before my birthday) i was listening to Donnie speak and he had altor call and thats when he have the necklesses and prayers out. I remember getting mine and trying to walk back to my brother and i fell and got bathtized 3 times in the holy sprit. It was so amazing, i gave my life to God that night. Donnie showed me that not all men are horrible…….I miss u Donnie


To friends and family

Im so sorry to hear about the passing of Uncle Donnie, but we will all see him again. He’s up there walking the streets of Gold with Jesus

Cheryl Tausig

I was a Wallflower in high school never liked myself Donnie showed me Jesus love a FATHERLY KIND OF LOVE that was more than i had ever experienced a powerful love HE EVEN PAUSED DURING A MTG n said in the middle of the mtgto me !!! “YOUNG LADY WHERE YA GOING COME DOWN HERE NOW!!! Boy was i embarrassed but he prayed blessing n healing over me n i was so changed experiencing that Jesus love thru him THNX FOR SHARING HIM ALL THESE YEARS WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU JESUS WILLCARRY YOU THE BIBLE SAYS YOUR MAKER IS YOUR HUSBAND HAS BEEN ALL THIS TIME BUT HE WILL SHOW HIMSELF STRONGER TO YALL IN THIS TIME HEBREWS 13 5-6

Marijo Phelps

Our little church was praying for this guy to get saved… he did! Then began attending LNC…. He and I were ministering to a family whose little boy had leukemia – the 9 year old got saved and HEALED but then ended up dying from pneumonia when his hospital air conditioner wouldn’t turn off – it rocked both Donnie and me but we hung on to the Lord. I remember Cindy and Donnie’s wedding and what was written on the soles of his shoes as they knelt at the altar (HELP ME) Crazy guy at times – that one. I also remember they were trying and trying to have a baby – the Lord nudged me to give them my bent wood rocker and tell then they would be needing it… I did and heard after going to YWAM they were expecting! I will never forget Donnie’s prophetic word over me when he heard that my husband was filing for divorce – it was right on and fulfilled a bit over 2 years later… He and Cindy will always be very special in my book!

To friends and family


Fayth Ramsey

Donnie. My life was changed at your altars. What you believed in, preached, and taught was unlike anything I had ever heard.
You were at the foundation (aside from Jesus) for my walk and fire for Christ. I just can’t fathom not raising my kids in your camps that saved me.
I’ll never forget being a teenager and you calling me out at an altar saying “God has healed you of your depression, you don’t need to take medication for the rest of your life.” Ten years later I haven’t taken them.
I love you Donnie freakin Moore. I remember you teaching on the Holy Spirit, I was fifteen years old and literally sitting on the edge of my seat with my leg shaking with anxiousness because I wanted what this power was that you spoke of. I couldn’t believe there was such a thing that would link my heart directly to God. I couldn’t believe we had access to it!!! You didn’t even finish the invitation to come down to the altar and I was running up there. I forgave my dad. Forgave my bullies. Forgave my family, everyone. I’ll never forget when your giant hands (that were bigger than my head) prayed for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit and next thing I knew I was on the ground for the next three hours praying in other tongues. The love, joy, peace, and freedom that came over me is what changed my life. I got up from that altar a different person. I went out and brought 20 kids to youth every single week because you believed in me. I brought my best friends back to camp the next year and they got saved. I sent my niece when she was the same age as I was when my life was first changed. I made lifelong friendships that have carried me through my darkest days at YOUR camps. You possessed the love of the father unlike any other to so many people. Donnie; the impact you had on my life is nothing compared to the thousands of others who knew you, but it’s everything to me. I’ll miss you so much.


To friends and family:
A message for My deepest condolences to each and every one of you, if there is anything I can do please let me know.