Marijo Phelps

Our little church was praying for this guy to get saved… he did! Then began attending LNC…. He and I were ministering to a family whose little boy had leukemia – the 9 year old got saved and HEALED but then ended up dying from pneumonia when his hospital air conditioner wouldn’t turn off – it rocked both Donnie and me but we hung on to the Lord. I remember Cindy and Donnie’s wedding and what was written on the soles of his shoes as they knelt at the altar (HELP ME) Crazy guy at times – that one. I also remember they were trying and trying to have a baby – the Lord nudged me to give them my bent wood rocker and tell then they would be needing it… I did and heard after going to YWAM they were expecting! I will never forget Donnie’s prophetic word over me when he heard that my husband was filing for divorce – it was right on and fulfilled a bit over 2 years later… He and Cindy will always be very special in my book!

To friends and family