Kristen Anderson

My first memory of Donnie was when I was about 7yrs old. It was after a night meeting and I ran up to him to say “Hi!” He asked me how old I was and I said, “I’m 7!” He swooped me up and said, “Yea, you feel 7.” Then he gave me a big bear hug and put me back down. I laugh when I think about this memory because I remember thinking he was so big and tall and I was so high off the ground lol. Oh how I’m going to miss those bear hugs ? #LetHisLegacyLiveOnInMe #BearHugsAreTheBestHugs

Kyrah Brave

My heart is so heavy. It’s comforting to know that Donnie is with Jesus now. I can’t imagine how much joy, how much celebration is happening as we’re mourning. What an incredible example he set in how to live a life glorifying and pleasing to God. How to be bold and brave. How to love and lead. How to be faithful and obedient. All while leaving trails of fire everywhere he went. I remember every Donnie Moore Camp I went to. Each one I encountered my Jesus. Because of His camps, I am who I am today. It was only one week of every year, but it never failed to leave echoes of Gods truth and promises in my heart that can never be forgotten. I’m so grateful for Donnie’s life. And him saying yes to his call. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have found this purpose and confidence at such a young age. Without it, I wouldn’t be this brave. I remember the year my camp team won 1st place. It was 2013. We were team “Bravery” which is so fitting it’s almost like God planned it (lol). And I remember during worship I wrote this poem. And on the last day of camp I went up and shared my poem with everyone at camp. And I remember the fire I felt. The urgency. The boldness. The bravery. The passion that was unlocked. And Donnie hugged me so tight. I remember him telling me that I was a preacher. And that my words were anointed. And he told me to never stop speaking to this generation. The poem was called “We are the revival we desire”. It was about this generation rising up, and leaving trails of fire everywhere we walked. It was about stepping up and being who we were meant to be. Stopping at nothing to take the dreams given to us and making them reality, as if everything depended on it. Because it does. Today is so sad, because someone I admired and loved so deeply is gone. The generation after us won’t have Donnie Moore camps. But this reminds me that WE are the future. The generation after us won’t have the worship music that we listen to now. They won’t read the books we read. They won’t be impacted and touched by the things that touched us. WE have to make the new worship music. WE have to write the poems. WE have to the write books and be bold enough to speak and create the conferences and art that point back to Jesus. WE have to preach to the masses. WE have to study and go to school. WE have to turn ideas into reality. WE have to love the lost. WE have to give our hearts to the youth. We are the revival. WE must be the next trail blazers. WE must be fearless leaders. WE must be humble world changers. WE must be brave. WE must be bold. WE must give everything up. WE are the new legacies.

Adrienne Brown

I met Donnie Moore when I was 16 (29 years ago) and it was a life changer. I was delivered from terrible fear and for the first time that I can remember I slept without waking up in a sweat of fear- it was amazing. He ministered the very life of God into my broken soul. I have it written in my bible. When he hugged me I thought wow this is what safe feels like. I am forever grateful for the anointing on his life that broke the yoke off of me.

Kris Johnson

As I’m sitting in the beautiful Couer D’ Alene area my mind and heart just goes racing back to so many memories of Donnie. At the age of 14 he came off the stage in the middle of service at New Life walking through crowds of people just to get to a broken little girl and wrapped his arms around me,  while I was terrified at the moment and so broken he held me as tight as he could, ( I may have thought he was going to squish me?) but prayed life over me. He was there when I got Baptised , He was there when I got married, and one of the very few who have been to Idaho to see me since I’ve been married in 25 years. There were few people in my life I wanted to make proud but Donnie was definitely one of them. The countless hours that Donnie and & Cindy would spend with me I’ll always be so incredibly greatful for. For all the times they let me just hang with them in their house, go shopping, and just be a part of their family . He will forever be one of the best Preachers, and storytellers of all time. I am pretty certain I will miss his hugs the most no one can match those. Donnie’s Integrity can’t be matched , his humility and love for people is absolutely contagious… and so beautiful.  I’ll always remember the countless  times we would be at restaurants after church and he would always just love on the servers with such grace  I’m sure he never new those moments marked my life and taught me more than he would ever know!  oh how I wish I could thank him for that one lesson alone along with the thousand others.

I adore their family more than life itself… and still remember the miracle of finding out Cindy was pregnant with Brooke for the first time. I think I was 16. I was so excited I went out and bought her a new stroller and had it delivered lol. I am pretty sure that must have been a lot for a 16 yer old girl. I guess thru the years he’s played a lot of roles in my life. Pastor, father, mentor, leader, hero and FRIEND
I ❤ YOU DONNIE, you will always be missed but never forgotten.

I will do my best to make you proud

and if I can even remotely love and lead people the way you do  I will have made you proud. I will at least live my days trying.

Cindy, Brooke, Anna and DJ I love you all so much!  If you need anything at I’m only a phone call and a flight away!!!


Jamie Jolley

Relationship:Went to see him every chance I got for 28 years

Donnie had a passion for people I really have never seen. When he hugged you you couldn’t help but imagine Jesus wrapping his arms around you.
His passion for God and the hurting people was inspiring. I saw him almost every year, sometimes more than once during my 28 years in church. His willingness to pray for you wasn’t just a cheap prayer and move on. At times he gave words of encouragement that I knew came from God as he would say things no one else knew. I never felt he was fake. His love was real. I look forward to the day when I can see him again. Truly a genuine and loving man I hope I can emulate in my own life.