Melinda Floyd

Donnie was such a courageous man of God!!! He broke into so many of our lives, and the results were that we would NEVER be the same again. ?He loved so powerfully! Even if it was just as small as remembering names, WOW! I’ll never forget him walking up and down the isles, during the alter calls, that would go on for hours. Time wasn’t of crucial importance, because Heaven always broke in and the power of God set free, filled and impassioned! ?Donnie would put his big arms around those of us bruised and broken by life, and would cry too. As if, he knew the pain and trauma! He had such compassion for the broken hearted and those beaten down by life, and utterly rebellious! Often, in leaving those alter times the saturation of his cologne was all over, all of us!
Donnie, knew and trusted the Lord and the Lord in return, trusted him back! He has left his mark so deeply on our hearts. ?
Thank you Cindy, Brook, Anna & DJ, for answering the call of God to stand with your Husband and Dad as he preached the gospel, and gave so generously of his heart and life. He was such a gift to us all! ❤️