Dean Johnson

There are heroes, and then there are superheroes. In a world where there are a lot of guys who speak from stages that love crowds but hate people, Donnie Moore was a man that in all my years of travels, I never one time saw him slip away backstage to avoid the crowd. The very first thought I can recall having about this man who was larger than life when I began traveling with him was, despite this high profile ministry full of mega churches, mega athletes and mega crowds, no matter where we are or who they are Donnie always makes time for people.
Donnie was always on the lookout for the hurting, desolate person to sit down with and make them feel like they were the most important person in the room. He’s a man who did not perceive himself as the way we all looked at him. I never once witnessed Donnie behave as tho he were better than another person or above any situation. We’ve done school assemblies during the day where thousands of students would be chanting his name and late that night driving home at 2:30am stop at a gas station in the inner city where a grown man who didn’t look very safe to be around would shout to him in a little middle schooler voice, “Hey! You came to my school 15 years ago and ripped phone books! You changed my life!!” That night, although very tired, Donnie stood in the middle of a gas station parking lot for 30 minutes talking to that man and calling out the greatness in him.
On a personal level, my thank you is soo insignificant to what Donnie has done for me. He is the first person I ever heard speak in a church. The first person to share the Gospel with me. The first person I ever saw take a stand for Jesus. He led me to Jesus my first time in a church. He called me to himself, to suit up and travel with Radical Reality. He is the first positive male figure I ever had in my life. He became my first father figure and probably never knew how warm he could make me feel on the inside everytime he would introduce me as his son.
Donnie is a man who, when soo many pastors and church leaders were telling him I wasn’t fit for ministry, was a throw away and not worth the investment he makes in me, Donnie believed in me. Donnie is a man full of character, integrity and an unlimited amount of love for and belief in people. Above anything I could say to describe Donnie, what stands out head and shoulders above it all, is that Donnie Moore loved Jesus with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength.
When I heard of his passing Friday morning, I felt as if someone kicked me in my stomach and I was numb. By the afternoon, I was a weeping mess. Tonight, I remember and reflect on who he was to me and who I am today because of him. Tonight, for all of us who are hurting without him, I hear that thundering roar of Donnie Moore shouting, “Jesus Christ doesn’t take away our fun, He takes away our pain!”
1 Thes 4:13-14
Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. 14 For we believe that Jesus died and rose again, and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.

Brett Milton

The first memory of Donnie that I can recall was when I was seven years old. My family attended a church in roseville about two miles down the street from Abundant Life Fellowship, Foothill community church. My buddy who was the child of a missionary told me “I can’t go to Sunday school today, my parents want me to see Donnie Moore speak and break things.” I knew immediately that Donnie Moore = cool.

Fast forward about 15 years I get invited by Becky and her then boyfriend, hahaha oh the irony, from Abundant life to come up to radical reality Easter camp for the day and I took it. I remember seeing the joy on young people’s faces, servants relishing the chance to serve, and a camp that was full of love.

I jumped in and started serving at radical reality Easter camp 2009, my now girlfriend Becky from Abundant life, there is your irony, was still running the program staff and I was ready to be a part of the team. I did about 8-10 program staffs with my now wife Becky, which has led to having our kids dance on stage, drive golf carts, and most importantly feel the love of Jesus that saturated every radical reality camp.

I remember the long time camp attendees predicting the color of the chair or the room on foregiveness night, I remember the seriousness that culminated with Holy Ghost night and the joy that rang through ebinezer hall on commissioning night. What is so powerful is that the same program, or equation if you will, that Donnie developed as the foundation for the Radical reality camps is as powerful today as the when it was first begun. I was a Christian heading up to the radical reality camp every year but every year I felt challenged, refreshed, and renewed because the Holy Spirit was the director of that camp, Donnie had the right heart to listen and direct the flow. Donnie also had that incredible way of making everyone feel included and special, he was larger than life to me in this particular area. Donnie just loved everyone and everyone loved him!

Baseball was a common topic that I would share with Donnie. I was fascinated with picking his brain about the players he knew and the stories that accompanied them, and he was always happy to oblige. Be it conversations about Ricky Henderson, which always included Ricky speaking in third person, or Donny sharing about who he was loving on, it was obvious that Donnie received favor in the sports world because he was genuine! He was the same guy everywhere talking to me and Beau at 1am near the hotel at the camp or in the weight room of the coliseum talking to the Giants, which he invited me too, he was the same guy.

It has been an absolute privilege to serve the Moore family. Program team, Deans, Directors, whatever you need we are still here to serve the Moore family. I count myself blessed to have been able to have known Donnie, as well as his wife and children. The Milton family loves you all and we pray for peace and comfort for you.



Emily Fleming

I am 44 years old. I have known Donnie since His first camp. He took the time to come and talk to me in the midst of hundreds of kids at a busy camp to encourage me and speak into who I was as a beloved child of God and who God had called me to be. He saw who I would become. I was a shy insecure 12 year old. I have been a camper, a counselor and program staff at His camps. Every time I saw Him whether it was camp, a church, etc even up until last summer -He knew my name. People would tell me that He was asking if I was coming out to see Him and say hello or if I had seen Donnie because He was asking about me.  I have always remembered that out of the thousands of people He ministered too He knew me by name and His, “Good to see you buddy!” Was always genuine. He would make it a point to find me, give me that smile and a hug. Love you Donnie!


To friends and family

Thank you for the sacrifice you made as a family to share Donnie with the rest of the world.

Jamie Jolley

Relationship:Went to see him every chance I got for 28 years

Donnie had a passion for people I really have never seen. When he hugged you you couldn’t help but imagine Jesus wrapping his arms around you.
His passion for God and the hurting people was inspiring. I saw him almost every year, sometimes more than once during my 28 years in church. His willingness to pray for you wasn’t just a cheap prayer and move on. At times he gave words of encouragement that I knew came from God as he would say things no one else knew. I never felt he was fake. His love was real. I look forward to the day when I can see him again. Truly a genuine and loving man I hope I can emulate in my own life.

Chaewin Sendejas

I’ve known Donnie and his crew all my life. We met him through New Hope Community Church in Gilroy, California. When I got old enough to be helpful, he always found a spot for me and my uncle (Dale Saenz) to help out behind the scenes. He had a way of making me feel personally important. He made every single person feel that way. Like they mattered more than words could say. His ministries made the world a better place and he was loved by countless people. He will be sorely missed. There isn’t a doubt in anyone’s mind that he went to Heaven. He earned it a million times over. He will not ever be forgotten. Good bye Donnie. We love you. You were family. ♡