I first heard Donnie preach back in the eighties. His messages were a blessing and impacted my walk with Christ. I pastor a little county church now. And over the years have thought back to those years and Donnie’s ministry. Love never fails. Outwardly Donnie is not here but inwardly He never leaves. Phil. 1:21 To live is Christ and to die is gain. I look forward to giving Donnie a hug and a thank you, when I see him again in heaven. Praying for you all.

Kristi Cook

Donnie was such a man of God-God used Him SO mightily to do SO much for HIS Kingdom! I remember Donnie from Camp Willow-creek. Stan Russell was my Oregon district youth director. God moved in those Youth Camps! Donnie loved Jesus so much and served Him with everything He had-that was SO evident and TRUE without a doubt!! Donnie loved people and POWERFULLY ministered to young people -you knew when Donnie ministered-he was fulfilling a call God had placed on his life! He was truly precious, and I will be praying for HIS BEAUTIFUL wife Cindy, and those BEAUTIFUL girls and  HANDSOME son that looks just like His dad. I heard Donnie speak at Horizon in Tualatin several times, and one thing stands out-HE WAS CRAZY ABOUT HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN!! He spoke of you all so often! HE LOVED YOU SOOOO MUCH, and HIS FAMILY MEANT EVERYTHING TO HIM! I cannot imagine the depth of your brokenness, but the God we  serve knows, and HE will truly walk with you in the days ahead. Through every emotion you experience HE will be there. May you all experience deep healing from the Holy Spirit as you hold each others hands as a family and move forward day by day.

Kristi – a sister in Christ

Kaden Bahner

To Donnie’s Family:

I was at a loss for words when I learned of his passing, but in the weeks following I have had a chance to reflect on my interactions with Donnie and how much he has touched my life. The truth is that Donnie was a constant in my life who always seemed to appear at a church or school when I needed positive motivation and hope in my life, no matter where I was.
I grew up in Northern California in a small town on the coast called Eureka in Humboldt County. From a young age I was raised in the Catholic church, but I always felt a deeper spiritual connection that I couldn’t explain.
Fortunately, Donnie and his Radical Reality Team held assemblies at our school when I was in middle school and high school and I remember hearing the stories of each team member and how their lives had been transformed by a renewing hope. I didn’t even realize that Donnie was a spiritual person at this time. I remember hundreds of students and staff staying after to speak with Donnie. I literally remember being one of those students and shaking Donnie’s hand. Afterwords I remember thinking, “Wow, that man is larger than life.”
Years passed and life was going well, but it was busy. After graduating college I found myself searching the state for teaching jobs. On August 27, 2007 I was hired in Gilroy, CA to teach PE and Coach. Shortly after, Donnie and the Radical Reality Team came to Gilroy High School where I heard the stories of renewed faith again and was reminded of the longing for a deeper spiritual connection that I felt in my youth up in Eureka.
At the time I was a lost 27 year old man, I wasn’t attending church, I was living for myself in a unfamiliar town where I knew no one. The following year I met an amazing young woman who stole my heart and asked me if I ever thought of going to church. I explained that I grew up Catholic, I had a negative experience at a Christian church when I was younger, and that I would go to church with her, but only to a Catholic church. We attended a few Catholic services and then she told me about a small church that she attended in her youth called New Hope Community Church in Gilroy. The following Sunday we attended and after hearing Pastor Malcolm MacPhail preach one sermon I was hooked.
Although I loved New Hope, it was challenging to understand the idea of having a relationship with God after spending years in the Catholic church. Within months of joining New Hope we came to church one Sunday and Donnie was there preaching. That single preaching transformed my life and has proved as a “Spiritual Compass” as I continue my walk with God and strive to serve as an example of God’s love for my wife, Sarah, and our three children of God: Malaki, Grace, and Elijah.
During that preaching, Donnie spoke about God being Omni-Present. He explained that God is everywhere, all the time. He explained that God is the Father, Jesus is the Manifest of God’s Presence, and that the Holy Spirit is the gift that he left to live in us if we accept him as our Saviour. Suddenly, a relationship with God made sense to me. My wife and I began volunteering at the church. We often recalled that when I was playing on the worship team at New Hope we played a Sunday Night Worship Service that Donnie lead. He had us play the song “Holy Spirit” for nearly an hour. During that time he had hundreds of people who came to the alter to receive prayer and whose lives where transformed.
After years of teaching, today I am serving as a school administrator in Roseville, California. Though it can be a challenge to instill Christian values in a public high school, I am quietly trying my best. I wanted you to know how much Donnie meant to me and will forever mean to me. He literally saved my life, for if I wouldn’t have continued as a Christian, even in the tough times, I’m not sure where I would be today.
Though it saddens me that he has left this world, Donnie’s smile reassures me of God’s grace and that His love is real. Donnie was a legend among men, as I saw even the toughest mentors of mine smile and hug Donnie when they saw him at a school or church. I know that we will meet again someday.
I wish peace to all of you.
Kaden Bahner

Zac Linton

Donnie was an amazing example of a true follower of Jesus. His camps and ministry were a big part of why I’m preaching the gospel today. I made a video expressing some of my memories and thoughts.


Kevin Watkins

I remember one time when Donnie came to speak at Harvest Time Church in Brentwood CA on a Sunday evening. I was waiting in the foyer for my family to arrive when Donnie walked past me and said “Hello, Brother”. He had such a gentle, unassuming spirit about him. I didn’t realize that was Donnie until he had already gone inside! But when he preached and shared stories of the young people whose lives were changed through his ministry, he was passionate and on fire for the Lord. He will be greatly missed at HTC.

Martin Foote

Well, I’ve definitely waited till last minute to right this. Not because I wanted to, but because I am just still at a loss for words that Donnies gone home. I met Donnie back in 2014 while I was homeless living on the streets in Morada. I had approached him, all tattered and broken… to be quite honest just an absolute wreck. I was asking him for some change, and without any hesitation he just had this very big child like grin on his face( for those of you who know him, you know what I’m talking about lol). He proceeded to ask me about my life, and for whatever reason(as I know now, it was God) I just started unloading on him. I told him of my shame, hatred of self, drug addiction, and everything else under the sun. This man immediately gave me a giant hug, and told me he loved me. I was just at a loss for words, I was taken aback and then some. He then asked if I’d like to have lunch with him, I being as hesitant as a wild cat, surprisingly found myself saying yes. But he didnt just by me lunch, he sat down and had lunch with me, as if I’d known him my entire lifetime. I felt the glares from those around us, people whispering in disgust, but Donnie didnt care. He actually introduced me to someone as his friend. I know now that God was setting me up for a miracle for what eventually be my true, and obedient relationship with Him through Donnie. Donnie spoke with me about Christ and His love, and kept telling me that he( himself) loved me. After sometime, he prayed fervently with me and left me with a full stomach, and surprisingly a full heart( which was rather empty, well almost depleted).we both went out separate ways, and after a fee years of ups and downs, I had ran into someone that knew him. She proceeded to tell me about this young man, that he had encountered that he met on the streets and ministered to at a Panda Express in Morada. The story sounded eerily familiar, and right then I knew who she was talking about( me). Funny how God works!. It may have been 2 years after that, me being married with a kid and one on the way, I had come across donnies FB page and proceeded to tell him about my life as of now. Being 2 years sober at the time( on my 3rd year now), serving in youth ministry and married with children. I was telling him of where God has brought me too, and just thanking him and telling him how much I appreciated that encounter and the fruit it produced. I forsure thought he would have forgot about me by now. But to my surprise I got a message from him that night, with his phone number. We talked for a good 2 hrs about what God has been doing in my life and his, and I just was so thankful to God that I was able to tell this man how much his obedience meant to me. I told him if it wasn’t for your God given words I think I would have committed suicide out there, and soon. But that encountered stirred something in my spirit. He remembered exactly who I was and told me he prayed for me constantly and I didn’t even know it. I had the privilege of giving my testimony at one of his youth camps and speaking Love, Jesus and Truth into kids who were walking down the same path I was. See Donnie wasn’t just any man to me, Hes someone I inspire to be like, selfless, unwavering, committed, and God driven. Because of his obedience, I live my life for Christ now, and I have a beautiful family who also serve right along side me. See, Donnie truly helped save my life and for that I am forever grateful to him. I cant wait to be reunited with him in heaven one day, and be able to give my brother in Christ a hug. Thank you Moore family for sharing your husband with the rest of us, and filling right beside him with God given love. I miss you Donnie, and it still hasn’t hit me yet that your not here, but I love you my friend and cant wait to see you again one day……. you are truly my real life superhero.


Marty Foote

Wes Harris

Donnie Moore was a mighty prophetic Man of God. He was also a good friend. Behind the pulpit he brought the word of God without reservation and with conviction. Away from the Pulpit he was one of the best people to know. I know “High on Life” seems like a tired cliche but Donnie was high on life and High on Jesus. He was always fun to be with.  He always had a joke or a funny story or just knew how to make you feel good about your self. I will never forget being over at his house on Longview. I was there with Sean Smith, Jeff Foust and others from Chi Alpha. We were all just hanging out having a good time. I looked at him and said “Hey Donnie, I am getting married!” He stopped dead in his tracks, did this slow turn and said “NO?” Then he gave me a big hug and congratulated me.  That was the fun side of Donnie Moore. The last time I saw him was at Harvest Church a few years ago.  He gave me one of his big trademark hugs and said “I love you Bro.” And he meant it. I will miss Donnie. I will never forget the impact he had on that 17 year old kid he met at Century Assembly back in 1983.

Danielle Perez

Donnie has been a big role in my family’s life for quite some time now. His passion for the next generation to know Jesus always brought good fruit ! The way he carried those who were weak, loved those who were hurting will always remind me of the Fathers love!  I always enjoyed the baseball chats he would have with my husband Gabe. They would go off in a corner and discuss ball. It was so fun to watch (as my husband was supposed to go pro) – BUT the way he impacted my kids …my three boys … is ETERNAL!  My children LOVE him! They never can handle “big church” for to long – but when Donnie was there …they would sit and listen to him preach.  My middle son Kingston Daniel wants to be Donnie and would go around the house tearing up books (that we read- I had to remind him Donnie only tears up thick phone books!) and tried to roll my husbands license plate.  LOL !  My other son Channing David treasures his signed batting gloves from Donnie … and Baby Beckham Solomon was mesmerized by Donnie’s strength.  He will be deeply missed but his legacy will carry on into the seeds and the fruit he has produced.  All our love and prayers – The Perez Family – Lighthouse Church- Sonoma

Kyle Gonzales

i first met donnie when i was 12 years old. i know who God was and believed in Him but i didn’t have a relationship at all. Donnie helped me create a relationship with Christ and accept Him into my life. Donnie was more than a pastor/speaker to me. He was a hero, a friend, and a father to me. His camps has helped me become the person who i am today and i’m grateful to him for that. i will always miss donnie and i’m glad that he is in a better place filled with peace.

To the Moore Family, i am very sorry for your loss. Donnie had a great big heart for everyone he met and treated them like they were his own. I will be praying for you and your family during this rough time of grief. I want to let you know that God is looking after you and is healing your pain. The loss of some special is not so easy to get over. It will take a lot of time and we’ll need to be patient. Psalm 116:15 says that the Lord cares deeply when His loved ones die. I want to let your family know that the Lord is taking care of Donnie. Thank you for everything that you have done alongside Donnie. Lots of love❤❤ – kyle

Katie Evans

Donnie was a man who could impact a whole room of people straight to their core. He was so in tune with God’s voice that I wouldn’t be surprised if his messages hit every teenager in the room at all of his summer camps and schools. He had made such an impact on Earth that I’m sure he can accomplish anything and share his love with his family and friends even more now that he is in the hands of God.