Kimberly Brown

In May of 2002 I was a parent sitting in a youth Wednesday night service at Neighborhood Church, Modesto Ca. Donnie had an alter call and he prayed over me, he had no idea at all that I had been struggling with infertility and miscarriage. As he prayed and laid his hands on my shoulder I felt a clear presence of the Holy Spirit leading me to adopt. That night I went home and scoured the internet about adoption information. Within days my husband and I started the process..
The adoption of my daughter changed the trajectory of the life of our family. My husband and I were given a passion for the orphans around the world and foster kids here in the US. We have gotten involved in ministry to do what we can , through Christ Jesus, for these kids.
We now have two daughters that God has blessed us to parent., that we otherwise would not have .
Donnie never knew my name and I doubt he ever remembered past that evening that he prayed for me specifically, as he prayed for many that night. But Donnie led by the Spirit had a profound impact on my life, my daughters lives , my entire family, and many kids we will never know about.
I am so thankful Donnie followed the leading of Christ .
I will forever be grateful for Donnie Moore.


Stacey Jovee

I remember Donnie from elementary school days when he would come and tear phone books in half ! Of course that came along after some good positive talking! Year’s passed and he became a loyal customer of mine when I worked for Mataga of Stockton. My husband and I received field passes and great seats to watch our Dodgers play his A’s from him!!! That was an awesome experience!!! I can’t ever think of a time when you weren’t smiling ! I am forever grateful to have known you .

Prayers for comfort and strength to the entire family ♡


I had gotten saved January 15,2002 at lakeview through a meeting they had that night i was 17 years old, I went to his camp and was totally changed. Sermon he preached was 5 reasons why i don’t want my family and friend’s to go to hell…Donnie was THE EXAMPLE OF AGAPE LOVE HE DISPLAYED THE LOVE OF CHRIST WITHOUT QUESTION WITHOUT JUDGEMENT JUST LOVE❤ AM 36 AND STILL SERVING THE LORD MY GIRL’S HAVE GONE TO ALL HIS CAMP THANK YOU DONNIE FOR LOVING THE BROKEN AND THE LOST THE HURTING… THANK YOU FOR YOUR LEGACY IM FOREVER ETERNALLY GREATFUL WE NEED MORE DONNIE’S IN THIS WORLD.I LOVE YOU?❤?

To friends and family:

Steph Kelly

My first memory of Donnie was when he and the Radical Reality team came to Green Valley when I was like 6. He had done an alter call and around that time my mom developed epilepsy. I remember standing by my dad, watching him pray over people, laying hands in his way, and I didn’t know about being slain in the Spirit and didn’t register that other people were being laid out.  I saw him lay hands on my mom and she was slain, I freaked because I thought he caused my mom to have a seizure. Later my parents talked to me about it and now it’s one of my fond memories which we still laugh about. I have been going to RR Camp since 2002, been a camper, counselor, and on program team. One of my favorite things about Donnie beyond his huge heart was his sense of humor. I was on the team that started ‘Donnie Freaking Moore’ and I’ve always loved how he received it and how he joined in in celebrating and dancing with the students. It was at camp that I received my spiritual tongues, my calling, and built many many friendships not to mention felt the movement of the Holy Spirit, witnessed miracles, and experienced God’s love on a very real level. Donnie’s heart for young people and perseverance has left an enormous impact on my life. I don’t know where I’d be without his influence in my life. Last year at camp, he sat with me and encouraged me through the hard year I was going through. He has been like a father figure in my life and I’m so grateful for his life.

To friends and family:

I can’t imagine what you, the Moore family, are going through. I’m sure you have heard this from thousands of people across the country, but my heart and prayers go out to you. Not only has Donnie been and influence in my life but so has your family. I’m grateful for your hearts and your lives. I will continue to pray for your family and friends through this difficult time. I love you guys and am praying comfort and peace over you. Heaven has receive a fantastic person and it is through Christ we will meet again.

Fayth Ramsey

Donnie. My life was changed at your altars. What you believed in, preached, and taught was unlike anything I had ever heard.
You were at the foundation (aside from Jesus) for my walk and fire for Christ. I just can’t fathom not raising my kids in your camps that saved me.
I’ll never forget being a teenager and you calling me out at an altar saying “God has healed you of your depression, you don’t need to take medication for the rest of your life.” Ten years later I haven’t taken them.
I love you Donnie freakin Moore. I remember you teaching on the Holy Spirit, I was fifteen years old and literally sitting on the edge of my seat with my leg shaking with anxiousness because I wanted what this power was that you spoke of. I couldn’t believe there was such a thing that would link my heart directly to God. I couldn’t believe we had access to it!!! You didn’t even finish the invitation to come down to the altar and I was running up there. I forgave my dad. Forgave my bullies. Forgave my family, everyone. I’ll never forget when your giant hands (that were bigger than my head) prayed for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit and next thing I knew I was on the ground for the next three hours praying in other tongues. The love, joy, peace, and freedom that came over me is what changed my life. I got up from that altar a different person. I went out and brought 20 kids to youth every single week because you believed in me. I brought my best friends back to camp the next year and they got saved. I sent my niece when she was the same age as I was when my life was first changed. I made lifelong friendships that have carried me through my darkest days at YOUR camps. You possessed the love of the father unlike any other to so many people. Donnie; the impact you had on my life is nothing compared to the thousands of others who knew you, but it’s everything to me. I’ll miss you so much.


To friends and family:
A message for My deepest condolences to each and every one of you, if there is anything I can do please let me know.