Danielle Perez

Donnie has been a big role in my family’s life for quite some time now. His passion for the next generation to know Jesus always brought good fruit ! The way he carried those who were weak, loved those who were hurting will always remind me of the Fathers love!  I always enjoyed the baseball chats he would have with my husband Gabe. They would go off in a corner and discuss ball. It was so fun to watch (as my husband was supposed to go pro) – BUT the way he impacted my kids …my three boys … is ETERNAL!  My children LOVE him! They never can handle “big church” for to long – but when Donnie was there …they would sit and listen to him preach.  My middle son Kingston Daniel wants to be Donnie and would go around the house tearing up books (that we read- I had to remind him Donnie only tears up thick phone books!) and tried to roll my husbands license plate.  LOL !  My other son Channing David treasures his signed batting gloves from Donnie … and Baby Beckham Solomon was mesmerized by Donnie’s strength.  He will be deeply missed but his legacy will carry on into the seeds and the fruit he has produced.  All our love and prayers – The Perez Family – Lighthouse Church- Sonoma