Kyle Gonzales

i first met donnie when i was 12 years old. i know who God was and believed in Him but i didn’t have a relationship at all. Donnie helped me create a relationship with Christ and accept Him into my life. Donnie was more than a pastor/speaker to me. He was a hero, a friend, and a father to me. His camps has helped me become the person who i am today and i’m grateful to him for that. i will always miss donnie and i’m glad that he is in a better place filled with peace.

To the Moore Family, i am very sorry for your loss. Donnie had a great big heart for everyone he met and treated them like they were his own. I will be praying for you and your family during this rough time of grief. I want to let you know that God is looking after you and is healing your pain. The loss of some special is not so easy to get over. It will take a lot of time and we’ll need to be patient. Psalm 116:15 says that the Lord cares deeply when His loved ones die. I want to let your family know that the Lord is taking care of Donnie. Thank you for everything that you have done alongside Donnie. Lots of love❤❤ – kyle