Martin Foote

Well, I’ve definitely waited till last minute to right this. Not because I wanted to, but because I am just still at a loss for words that Donnies gone home. I met Donnie back in 2014 while I was homeless living on the streets in Morada. I had approached him, all tattered and broken… to be quite honest just an absolute wreck. I was asking him for some change, and without any hesitation he just had this very big child like grin on his face( for those of you who know him, you know what I’m talking about lol). He proceeded to ask me about my life, and for whatever reason(as I know now, it was God) I just started unloading on him. I told him of my shame, hatred of self, drug addiction, and everything else under the sun. This man immediately gave me a giant hug, and told me he loved me. I was just at a loss for words, I was taken aback and then some. He then asked if I’d like to have lunch with him, I being as hesitant as a wild cat, surprisingly found myself saying yes. But he didnt just by me lunch, he sat down and had lunch with me, as if I’d known him my entire lifetime. I felt the glares from those around us, people whispering in disgust, but Donnie didnt care. He actually introduced me to someone as his friend. I know now that God was setting me up for a miracle for what eventually be my true, and obedient relationship with Him through Donnie. Donnie spoke with me about Christ and His love, and kept telling me that he( himself) loved me. After sometime, he prayed fervently with me and left me with a full stomach, and surprisingly a full heart( which was rather empty, well almost depleted).we both went out separate ways, and after a fee years of ups and downs, I had ran into someone that knew him. She proceeded to tell me about this young man, that he had encountered that he met on the streets and ministered to at a Panda Express in Morada. The story sounded eerily familiar, and right then I knew who she was talking about( me). Funny how God works!. It may have been 2 years after that, me being married with a kid and one on the way, I had come across donnies FB page and proceeded to tell him about my life as of now. Being 2 years sober at the time( on my 3rd year now), serving in youth ministry and married with children. I was telling him of where God has brought me too, and just thanking him and telling him how much I appreciated that encounter and the fruit it produced. I forsure thought he would have forgot about me by now. But to my surprise I got a message from him that night, with his phone number. We talked for a good 2 hrs about what God has been doing in my life and his, and I just was so thankful to God that I was able to tell this man how much his obedience meant to me. I told him if it wasn’t for your God given words I think I would have committed suicide out there, and soon. But that encountered stirred something in my spirit. He remembered exactly who I was and told me he prayed for me constantly and I didn’t even know it. I had the privilege of giving my testimony at one of his youth camps and speaking Love, Jesus and Truth into kids who were walking down the same path I was. See Donnie wasn’t just any man to me, Hes someone I inspire to be like, selfless, unwavering, committed, and God driven. Because of his obedience, I live my life for Christ now, and I have a beautiful family who also serve right along side me. See, Donnie truly helped save my life and for that I am forever grateful to him. I cant wait to be reunited with him in heaven one day, and be able to give my brother in Christ a hug. Thank you Moore family for sharing your husband with the rest of us, and filling right beside him with God given love. I miss you Donnie, and it still hasn’t hit me yet that your not here, but I love you my friend and cant wait to see you again one day……. you are truly my real life superhero.


Marty Foote

Joey Escarsega

I met Donnie Moore thru Darwin Benjamin!  I also met Jeff Foust, the youth pastor shortly after and started to attend Rad Night at Lakeview Assembly!    I went for some two years before I met Jesus in 1989 at the Assembly of God Nor Cal Youth Convention in San Jose, CA.  I remember the message Donnie preached that night was entitled, No Halfway House!  He gave an altar and said if you are right with God turn around and if not stand facing him so he could talk with us about how much Jesus loved us and did for us and to surrender and stop living a double life and live for God.  I turned around and did a complete circle because I was living in the half way house with God.  That night I met Jesus and experienced His love personally for the first time and I have never been that same since that fall night in November of 1989.  I also go baptized in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues that same night without anyone laying hands on me!  I met Father God that night and God used Donnie Moore big time that evening!  This November will mark 29 years walking with Jesus and Thank God for Donnie Moore walking in the calling God give this great Evangelist and Anointed Man of God!  See you in glory one day!  Prayers for his family!

Mark Mendoza

I went to Donnie Moore’s camp when I was 16 years old. I was new to Christianity and felt out of place. By the end of the week, I didn’t want to leave. I gave my life to God that week and confessed that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. My heart was full for the Lord and Donnie was a big part of it. His heart for God was a light for us all. I’m saying this now, as a 32 year old God Fearing Man. Thank you Donnie for being an example and Praying for me as a young teen. I and many others will never forget the impact you had in our lives.

John Antrim

In 1992 I was invited to a youth convention in Phoenix, AZ. At that time I did not want anything to do with church or religion… The speaker that night was Donnie Moore. I was placed on the front row and listened to Donnie preach about salvation and a relationship with the Savior. He then shared a story about his former friend Darwin. Darwin had been addicted to cocaine and as a result, he lost his baby. That night I gave my life to Christ. The impact in the message and the personality of Donnie Moore’s no-nonsense, not going to pull any punches sermon drew me into the loving arms of God.

I met Donnie a couple years later in Oregon at a wedding and spent time sharing my testimony. From that day on, I had the privilege of knowing this giant man of God. I will miss his voice, his messages and his friendship. I wish my children would have gotten to know one of God’s Generals, Donnie Moore. Last but not least… I will end this is the same way Donnie opened every sermon, “God Help. Amen”


Lewis Ballin

What a heart breaking moment today as my daughter showed me a post on Facebook that was 16 minutes old. It read how a Hero in the faith, a compassionate and loving friend had just passed away earlier Friday morning. I will forever remember the night I met Donnie Moore. The week prior to my meeting Evangelist Donnie Moore back in November 1984, I had went to visit my mom in Morgan Hill. This visit was to let her know how messed I was and hadn’t been to church in over three years, since my dad had moved our family to Stockton, (mom and dad divorced at this time). I told my mom how I felt like mud, and she said she was going to come up to Stockton and take me to a church of God in East Stockton. However when she arrived in Stockton on November 11th, 1984 she decided she wanted to go some place closer to my sister’s house who lived in North Stockton with easy access to the freeway because she would be going home after church. So we started going through the yellow pages and ran across Lakeview Assembly on Quail Lakes drive. We decided to go here because it was easy access to the freeway and The Pastor at the Baptist church at that time had told me I would be happier over there than at his church based upon the church I attended in San Jose before the move to Stockton. So we went to the 6P.M. church service and there was a female guest speaker not Donnie, but he was there, I just didn’t know yet that he was there. So after she preached a message entitled “Taming The Wild Mustang” she gave the altar call and four times she postponed praying for the people who had already gone forward saying that God was telling her that there was one more person who needed to come forward for prayer, but it wasn’t until she started praying for all those who were already up front at the altar did I decide to go forward. As I was standing up there I challenged God, saying if you are really here like my church back home then you need to have that lady stop praying for those other people and come pray for me. I did this twice and after she still didn’t come to pray for me, I said in my mind, God I knew you weren’t here like in my church back home. No sooner than those words had entered my mind, a man approached me and asked me how I had heard about the special that night and I replied I hadn’t heard of any special, he then asked how I had heard of him. I replied I don’t know who you are either, he then asked a third question which was and I quote “may I ask you why you are here tonight?”, and I said no, it’s kind of personal. At this time he said, that is okay, God is speaking to me right now and I am going to tell you why you are here tonight. He proceeded to tell me the things I had spoken to my mom about a week earlier. He prayed for me that night and baptized me the following Sunday, That man was Donnie Moore. And my life was forever changed. I remember going to Chi Alpha meetings at U.O.P, I remember taking a week off of work one year to volunteer to help set-up and clean-up at school assemblies in San Joaquin county which led up to a night assembly called “The Night of Champions. I just wanted to get close to and get to know this image maker named Donnie Moore. I can honestly say that all I ever felt from Donnie was love and acceptance and that I mattered to God. I remember that Donnie did not ever want the spotlight to be on him but only on God. I can hear his words so clearly even today, “Father God I pray that Donnie Moore would slip away unnoticed but that your word would go forth in power and in truth.” A humble spirit, a man filled with so much of God’s love that it would spill over into the lives of those around him. Donnie you will forever be loved and forever missed. I will not ever forget how God continually used you to bless and impact my life. Although you have gone home you left me enough good friends to finish feeling up my hand and I will be forever grateful for that, good friends and brothers like Jon Pritikin, Darwin Benjamin, Juaquin Fabela, Terry Douglas, Leighton McIntosh II, and Pastor Joey Steelman. Writing this as tears stream down my face. I love you Donnie.


To friends and family

I remember during one of Donnie’s messages at Lakeview he had told this story about how this young man approached him and asked him how he was able to bench press 500 lbs. and he said he told the young man “Everyday for a lunch I have California Chicken sandwich at Payter’s.”
Donnie was genuine, he was real, he loved God and he loved people. He was the reason I rededicated my life to Jesus on November 11th, 1984. He will be forever loved, he will be forever missed.

Wendy Fung

Relationship:Attendee of a service and camp counselor in the 1990s

Hi- I was a UOP student in 1991. On Sunday May 12, 1991 I somehow ended up at a service in a theater/church in Lodi , CA where Donnie was speaking. He was sharing a story about his Sunday School teacher and what am impact that man had in his life. After the service, he started to walk the aisles of this large church and he ended up right in front of me (keep in mind, I’m 4″10′, little Asian). He asked me my name and then proceeded to tell me that I have been trying to put God in a box and then added a whole bunch of things that I didn’t understand how he knew. In the end, he asked if I wanted to accept Jesus into my heart and I said no. (My analytical mind wanted to know if someone had tipped him off to my life). Later, I found out he was operating in the word of knowledge. One week later on May 18th, I did accept Christ into my life. Needless to say my life has never been the same and 27 years later I am still loving the Lord. I served as camp counselor those few years that I was in college and I remember having the wildest times with those kids! I have very fond memories of this time in my life! Thank you Donnie for you faithfulness in serving and loving the Lord!

My prayers and heart goes out to you. Thank you for your faithful love and support for Donnie as your father and husband. I know that “the ministry” was fruitful because of what each of you did and maybe even had to sacrifice. I am someone that came out of your ministry and I love love the Lord because of what started in 1991. Thank you!

Elisa Holmes

I think, it was in 1989. I saw Donnie Moore and his ministry perform at my High School. The assembly was awesome! Many seeds for God’s Kingdom were planted. Shortly after I became a Christian (I was only 15). Decades later I am still a God fearing women who loves and serves the Lord. I will always remember Donnie with a smile on my heart. I will also always thank God for him.

Kathleen Weathers

Donnie came to my high school in 1989-90. I had been bullied and struggled with suicide. Though he couldn’t talk about Christ in a public school, God’s love shined through him. The next year in college I saw a sign that said Radical Reality (Chi Alpha but Donnie had been connected with it so the name stuck). I went and Came to know the Lord – as a result of the assembly Donnie did at my high school.
I am praying for you and am sorry for your loss. Donnie was used mightily by God to reach thousands of young peopke for Christ.

Sam Fluery

As a 13 year old boy, I was invited to Radical reality camp. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I had issues that I didn’t know how to solve. My mother had left my family at a young age for her addiction to drugs and became so desperate for drugs that she began to prostitute herself. The anger was deep. The feelings of never measuring up to be enough became my driving force to make myself the best at everything I did. This eventually made me a very angry young man. I ruined all the things that were blessings because I couldn’t let people in. After several camps and years of being challenged to let go, things began to be different. I have my heart to God at a camp and continued to grow. Flash forward 4 years of camps, not only had I learned how to forgive my mom and dad, but that I needed to express it. I flew up to a Washington we’re my mom had been for my whole life but never reached out to me. I met her in a coffee shop and I told her about what God had done in my heart. I forgave her, cried and prayed with her. The last camp I was at Donnie had spoken a calling over my life and I’m blessed to say that God has called me to full time ministry. God has blessed my with an amazing wife. We are both youth pastors now. The best part of y testimony is that’s God changed me, but He used that act of obedience and moved a mountain. My mom gave her heart to Jesus, gave up her old ways and now serves in the local church helping girls who are doing what she did for so long find hope and healing! I wouldn’t be where I was without Donnie. He’s a legend. His legacy and story will live on throughout generations. He’s loved and I’m saddened by the loss but rejoice with the reality that He met Jesus face to face and heard, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”
Words for the family:

I know there is great grief right now. But there is also great joy in knowing where Donnie is. But there is also great joy knowing where SO many others are right now because of him. Heavens a bigger place because of that hero!

Love you all!

Samuel Fleury
Associate Youth Director at VantagePoint Church

John Trotter

I’ll never forget when Donnie told me to stop beating myself up for the thing’s I did in my past and to always remember the best thing I ever did was give my life to Jesus and I changed. I went home after Man Camp and asked my girlfriend what she thought the best thing is that I have ever done and without her knowing what Donnie had told me she said, “you gave your life to Jesus and you changed”. Tears fell down my face as I felt an overwhelming sense of confirmation that God spoke through Donnie to me. I felt like God Himself was telling me that He forgives me, loves me and that He sees that I am a new person and not the same as I used to be. Praise God! Thank you Donnie for allowing God to move through you. I will miss you.

To friends and family

Thank you for sharing Donnie with the world. He has touched so many lives. Thank you.