Becky Milton

In 1996 I was newly saved & knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. My friend Shekina persuaded me to go a camp to see this great speaker named Donnie Moore because she knew it would change my life. We found out a church called ALF was going to Donnie’s camp the next day & we joined them, not knowing anyone else.
Without knowing much about speaking in tongues I made the decision to be prayed over on a Wednesday night. I was completely out in the Spirit for hours without any clue what had transpired.

Over the years I volunteered as a counselor, a super mean dean of women, a Program Staff Director, and now camp director with my husband. I felt it an honor, that even as a single young woman Donnie & Cindy believed in me & my giftings.

It’s been my honor to both serve at camp & become friends with Donnie, Cindy , Brooke, Anna & my husbands kindred spirit, DJ.

I have had many God moments over the last 21 while listening to Donnie Speak. I have also laughed a ton in his presence.

While living in Ensenada as a missionary at the Lords Gym I got to translate for different members of Radical Reality during a crusade. I can recall Donnie focusing all his love upon a huge orphan teenage boy named Felix. I can remember how he mentored him & doted upon this giant orphan boy, lavishing him with God’s pure love. A boy who everyone had abandoned , ignored & frankly was scared of was shown Gods ABBA Father unconditional love through your caring compassionate dad/husband/son. It has stuck with me these 18 years.

I’ve seen Donnie cradle broken & abused girls , pray for orphans, & give hope to the hurting for the last 21 years.

There is a bit of Donnie in all three of his children. Brooke’s heart for her family, the Glass Slippers Girls & her friends reminds me of Donnie’s compassion & love. Anna’s passioniate nature & zeal for life reminds me of Donnie infectious energy that captivated his audience. And DJ, Donnies thinner spitting image, is hilarious & such a showman, reminding me of his fathers uncanny ability to tell a story and make people laugh.

Cindy you have been such a great role model for me as a wife, mother & minister. You were such a great balance for Donnie. I’ve always loved seeing your love for each other & your children.

Mrs Moore, you raised a great man. He spoke of you & your husband with incredible love & fondness.

I am sorry if I went too long. I wanted you all to know our great love & respect for Donnie & your family.

If you would like to laugh please have Joey tell you the story of the hand motion in Mexico that did not mean the same thing there as it does here. Donnie & Joey had lots of laughs about that incident. If he doesn’t remember I’ll tell you someday.

With love,

Becky Milton & Milton Crew

Jamie Barnhardt

My name is Jamie Barnhart, and though I didn’t know Donnie personally, it made a profound impact on my life.
My most cherished memory of Donnie:
Donnie came to hilltop and blew me away with his heart for children and for being the father that many never had. One of my most cherished memories of him is his message on receiving the promise and the many steps that it takes to get there whether it’s through receiving the initial statement of promise from God or going through stages of doubt and spiritual battle, believing that you’re on the right path and trusting God with it all the way is the only way to get into what God has promised you. During this message he introduced our congregation to the Glass Slipper foundation. The organization that helps the kids known as “the trash bag kids.“ as someone who has battled recovering from physical, verbal, and sexual abuse, lack of appropriate father figure and has recovered from many other things including drug addiction and a severe eating disorder that nearly took my life along with the fact that I have a sibling who was forced into human Trafficking… his heart for this organization and for the fatherless really struck a chord in my heart and spirit! As a result, I was inspired to continue to press into God and believe what he has for me. In doing so, I began a clothing and jewelry line called Messenger gear that raises funds for the Glasslipper foundation (currently under construction) and I also began to run again which is something I never thought I’d be able to do (I nearly lost my ability to walk) and enter to run my first marathon after almost 4 years of being taken out of my sport. This man truly inspired me to grab a hold of the promises of God, never let go, and trust Him every step of the way!

To the family,
Though I didn’t know Donnie on a personal level, he left a legacy in my life and in the lives of COUNTLESS individuals. Every time he was there at my church, he took the time to pray for everyone that asked for it. The last time he came, I had to leave early, and this is the decision I’ll regret. Heaven really has a saint, and you all have lost a very wonderful man! I pray the Lord comforts you all and holds you closely during this time! My heart and prayers are with each and everyone of you!

Bianca Sanchez-Carbajal

I met Donnie through Glass Slipper at camp, when i told him i was with gs he came over and gave me a hug his camp has helped me to forgive my bio family.
Donnie was a great man and wherever he went he spread so much love everywhere. Donnie will always be in our hearts.