Doug Ashby

Donnie Moore:

What a man!  What a friend!

Kind hearted, generous, gracious, loving, fun, giving, thoughtful, encouraging, energized, contagious!!

We will all miss him – he influenced so many of us for the better and for Jesus!!

Prayers for Cindy and family!!  Peace and comfort!!

Doug Ashby


Theron Brinson Jr

Best phrase from Donnie that stuck with me was, “ you will never have to give up anything to get into heaven, that you won’t  eventually have to give up to get into hell!” Loved all of the memories of Summer Camps for the teens we all ministered to and interceded over. Donnie is the epitome of the ultimate servant of the Kingdom of God!!! Second best was when was he turned to Cindy and stated, “I just hope our children make heaven!”  I still have that cassette tape of “the five reasons I don’t want friends to go to hell”. I was honored to get permission from Donnie to use parts of that message in a persuasive argument in a secular college speech class in 1997.  I could go on forever about how much of an influencer Donnie is on generations still to come!!! Wish we could be back in Cali, but know we are praying for y’all during this season and the seasons to come!!!


Scott Drouillard

“It’s Friday… but Sunday’s coming!” Sunday (the resurrection) is everyday now for you Donnie!

Shannon Varis Oberg

I can’t remember the first time I heard Donnie speak, I know I was in elementary school and I know I was transfixed by his stories about Jesus. I wanted in on the stories! I wanted Jesus like that!  He was my favorite communicator throughout my childhood and into my young adult life.  Donnie came to camps and ministry events hosted by my parents & others in Oregon. In each season of my life, God used him powerfully. He brought me autographed baseball cards on his trips to do ministry with my parents, he prayed for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit, he never ceased to be an giant encouragement, a powerful voice in any wayward moments, the love of God embodied to the lost and an unashamed message of redemption. Thank you Donnie for being used to change me life! Thank you to your family for sharing you with a generation!

Nicole Corren

My heart broke hearing the news of our dear brother’s passing yet my spirit rejoices knowing Donnie is in the Presence of the God he loved and served whole heartedly!

Donnie was an inspiration to me when I first got saved in 1984! I attended his weekly UOP Chi Alpha meetings where he fed me the deep things and Word of God without compromise!

I remembert times he prayed for me when I lived with his closest friends Joe and Amy Hunt! Another amazing couple along with Donnie and Cindy!

Thank you all for your love and devotion to our Great God! And Praise God we shall all live together for Eternity worshipping our Awesome Lord!

Kelly Morgan Lekas

So MANY memories, it has been over 32 years, but I still remember summer camp at Richardson Springs, Chi-Alpha at UOP, and the Power Team. I remember he would do his kermit the frog voice and I would try and do Miss Piggy. He would tell me he was my big brother in the Lord and since I was an only child it made me feel like I mattered at I time when I needed it. The teen years at Lakeview Assembly and being a part of where Donnie was ministering truly was a blessing to me. I rejoice in knowing I will see Donnie in heaven. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and close friends. God Bless you all.

Kelly Morgan Lekas

Ken Terry

Hello, My name is Pastor Ken Terry and I am so sorry for your loss. Donnie will always have a special place in our hearts. In the early 90’s I was a youth pastor at Tulare First Assembly of God. After several years in Northern Ca. taking youth to hear Donnie at the NorCal youth conventions, I wanted to bring Donnie to Tulare to do his assemblies and night meeting. So, I contacted Radical Reality office to determine what I needed to do to get Radical Reality to the small town of Tulare. I think it was Jeff Foust I spoke with and shared my dream with him and he said, Radical Reality’s ministry focus was NorCal and at that time didn’t go this far south. Of course I continued to plead, beg and pray that the team would come to Tulare. I made a banner that said, “Keep The Dream Alive” and had my youth group sign it and then sent it to the Radical Reality office. Scott Ruiz took it to Donnie and said, “we need to go to Tulare.” Donnie agreed and the team came to Tulare and the impact of Donnie’s ministry is still felt to this day. The assemblies were powerful and the night meeting was incredible. But, let me say, that the enemy tried to disrupt the night meeting when the principle (a unbeliever) of the school was unwilling to allow us to use the gymnasium that seats 2000 and instead allowed us to use the smaller auditorium that seats 1500 in an effort to minimize the impact of the night meeting. We were all amazed to see the young people coming in the building that night, they just kept coming. The auditorium was pact with students standing against the walls and in the aisles, needless to say, that it was a fire marshal’s nightmare. The miraculous night ended with 256 decisions for Christ.  A night I will never forget! I will greatly miss the heart that touched so many hearts! The measurement of Donnie’s ministry isn’t in what we know, but in what we don’t know. The ripple effect of his ministry can only be measured by the one who commissioned him. Love you Donnie.



Pastor ken

Shari H

My first memory of Donnie is from Believers Church Winter Youth Camp. My husband and I were youth leaders, Donnie was the speaker that weekend. I remember being so amazed at the annointing on his life and how God used him to move mightily in those kid’s lives. I witnessed a girl being delivered from demonic spirits. I witnessed kids being healed emotionally and physically. Donnie even prayed over me and God touched me too! That Sunday evening following camp, Donnie came back to our church and spoke. What touched me was, after service, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I remember you…yeah, I remember you”. It made me feel special. I did not have the best relationship with my dad growing up and often didn’t feel valued , but some how in that moment, it made feel like I had value. He had a special way about him that just made people feel that God kind-of love. I am forever grateful for Donnie’s obedience to God’s calling on his life. He touched so many people’s lives, everywhere he went, including mine.  Thank you Moore family for sharing your husband and father with all of us. I pray for God to overwhelm you with His love, His peace and His comfort. Love you all!

Steve and Lisa Williams

Donnie Moore will forever have a special place in our hearts.  Our three daughters and granddaughter were all touched by the love,  prayers and genuine kindness he had for all who knew him.  We will never forget you Donnie.

Jason Poling

Donnie Moore, Man of God, had a prophetic word for me in 1990 when I was in Highschool at Portland Christian Center Sunday Night Service.  It is a point in my life where I can see clearly the Holy Spirit working through Pastor Moore and a seed was planted for where I am at today.

My mother recently gave me his CD set “A Call for Radicals” and a letter she had written about that night.  It is a keepsake for my family, and my daughter.

Donnie, faithful servant, fearlessly changed the world by inspiring others to boldly follow Jesus Christ and His call for each of our lives.  Thank you Donnie, and when we meet in heaven I can’t wait to thank you for making disciples for Jesus.