Todd Tomlinson

The first time I met Donnie was back in I believe 2011 when he came and spoke to the Horizon Community Church high school kids. It was an evening event and the Horizon gym was full of high school students. Several kids got up and spoke about how they were going to be different than their predecessors, how they were going to follow Jesus with their whole heart, how they were going to be examples for others to see how living for Christ impacts their lives. There were waves of emotions from the kids and Donnie was up front leading that night. The kids all said that it was Donnie’s messages over the previous few days that sparked them to step up and be strong. That night demonstrated to me the tremendous impact that Donnie had on the kids at Horizon as well as kids all around the country.
I have always looked forward to Donnie’s visits to Horizon and as a “2nd row” attender, always sat behind him in service and had many opportunities to shake his hand. His passing on to Heaven has impacted me significantly these past few days. Donnie will be greatly missed by all of those who knew him. The ripples of his ministry will be felt for generations.

I have no doubt that Donnie was welcomed into Heaven with a “well done my good and faithful servant”.

I look forward to seeing you in Heaven!