Heather Hantz

My name is Heather Christine Hantz. I grew up in Pastor Glenn Burteaus youth group. That is where our youth group first met Donnie Moore. I remember him as a gentle giant with the softest heart, and speech. You will be happy to know, I grew up to be a political advocate defending special needs children. My young son Harrison is in the Autism Spectrum. I’m actually bringing him to Kidfest in Gatlinburg this May 2019. It will be the greatest moment to watch Harrison experience the Power team minister. Harrison literally thinks he’s a superhero, who can do amazing things. I’ve told him that his entire life, inspire of specialists saying he’d always have low upper body tone ect. As a child, I never heard Donnie say, anything about God having limits. The older Harrison gets, the more I realize, I stand stronger because my parents brought me to youth group and sent me to camp with such Giants like Donnie. Every victory in special needs, I celebrate in honor of Donnie Moore and his family. As for Harrison, hell be 7 in April. He’s 4 feet tall, over 50 pounds of solid muscle with defined biceps. He reads on a 3grade level and continues to amaze his therapists. If I hadn’t learn to push through, as a child, I wouldn’t have the tenacity to speak up for those most vulnerable. Advocacy burns in me like a fire, God put it there, in camp watching Donnie Moore. Many blessings,

Heather Christine Hantz