The first time I heard of Donnie Moore and Radical Reality, I was listening the A’s post-game radio program with Chris Townsend, and was amused by what he was witnessing taking place on the field.  He couldn’t focus on what he was trying to say about the A’s, because he’s watching Donnie and his friends bend rebar, tear phone books, and break bats.  After some inquiry, he learned that it was a part of a Christian event, offering the demonstration of strength and testimony from players.  My interest was piqued, and I attended the event the following year.

The positive message from Donnie was fantastic.  As a baseball fan, I really enjoyed the fellowship I observed between him and the players.  Hearing the testimony from the players was a great reminder of who we serve, and the world in which we live.  Donnie’s ability to combine God’s word with the entertainment of baseball was refreshing.  I was excited to learn that he’d speak at my church in Sacramento (Capital Christian Center), shortly after seeing him at the Oakland Coliseum.

I now live in the vicinity of Austin, TX, and to my great surprise, the senior pastor of Celebration Church, where I now attend, knows and spoke of the late Donnie Moore.  Late?  Why is he speaking in the past-tense?  I’m in shock to learn of his passing, and the events that led to it.

My wife has a testimony regarding depression, and the effects of the prescription medication that was used to treat her.  The medication pushed her incessantly to “end her life.”  When she advised the medical professionals at the VA of these thoughts, they doubled her prescription.  This pushed her over the edge, she overdosed, and was pronounced dead.  God brought her back, and she has a memory of what she witnessed.  I know of another lady who encountered a similar situation.  A close friend took his life recently, while depending upon prescription medication for treatment.  This is a situation we’re increasingly passionate about.

Donnie Moore taking his life, while on prescription medication to treat depression, is testimony to how deadly this medication that’s being pushed upon us truly is.  If we can be of any assistance, please let me know.


Joe S.