Jenna Strys

Hi, My name is Jenna. Sorry this is so late, I’ve struggled with being brave enough to talk about this.

Donnie once prophecied over me that “everything I’ve been through will become my purpose.” I had a rough childhood with divorce and drug abuse and mental illness. I just thought that I’d tell my story at work some time and lead someone to Christ. But recently things have really changed for me and now I think I understand what Donnie meant.

I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 1. I was afraid to talk about it because of the stigma and how a lot of churches view mental illnesses. I really battled with this, but I always thought about Donnie. I’ve felt that hopelessness and pain he felt. I’ve tried to commit suicide myself, so he is always in my mind.

Now, I have a passion for sharing mental health and illness in churches to break the stigma and to hopefully help other people who are too afraid to speak up until it’s too late. I think this is what Donnie meant. So I’ve privately dedicated my ministry to him. I’ve only just begun with an instagram, but I know God has a plan. Baby steps.

I pray for your family all the time. Just know Donnie impacted me in life and still in death.

Thank you