Pablo Serrano

In November of 2014 the Saturday night before Donnie came to Cathedral of Faith to preach. I was drinking hard with a couple brothers also smoking weed. At the end of the night when everyone left it was just me and my wife and a fight between the 2 of us occurred. A few minutes after the fight the devil spoke to me and convinced me to take my life. By God’s grace I got stopped after hearing another voice telling me not to do it and God will take care of me.  I sat in service that Sunday morning broken, hearing Donnie preach speaking about things related to the exact night I had; at the end of service I surrendered my life to Christ. I have been following the Lord since then, almost 4 years, and because of the impact he had on my life that day in him being obedient and going to Cathedral to speak . I will now leave a legacy of believers serving the Lord still. This is so heart breaking I’m very saddened to hear the cause of death. The Lord used him to reach the lost broken and hopeless. How many families now will leave a legacy of faith for generations because of his obedience to Christ. Love you Donnie see you in the Kingdom brother.  I send my love and prayers to his family during this hard time. Blessings in Jesus Name. Thank you for allowing me to share.