My mother worked for Donnie for a few years, and my parents were youth pastors, so I literally grew up attending his camps, going to Christmas parties, and getting to know this truly fantastic man. He was something of a second father to me, or at the very least, a cool, muscle-y man with a big house and an even bigger smile. I remember when I was young, after camps, staff would stop at the Pizza Factory in Live Oak; Donnie won me a little rainbow puppy from one of those impossible claw machines. Every time I saw him, he would be the one lighting up the room, hand extended for handshake or arms open for a hug. Something as simple as a hand on my back at an altar during camp would move me to even more tears. This last year at camp, I completely turned my life around from heartbreak and backsliding and met my current boyfriend (and hopefully the boy I’ll marry). As I was giving my testimony, Donnie kept a reassuring hand on my shoulder, and it meant the world to me. I truly can’t describe the impact he’s made on my life and so many others. I love and admire him more than words can say, and I seriously can’t wait until we’re in heaven together.