Dear ones,

While I don’t have a story to share, for some reason, I came back to the ministry site, tonight. I believe God  led me back.  My spouse has battled mental health issues for decades, and, yet, he has pastored and is loved by many, He is now retired, but the battle continues.  We are part of that small 5% of depression/bipolar marriages that has survived by the grace of God.  Medications  can only do so much.  I had wondered about Donnie,  and the thought had crossed my mind concerning his passing; so I prayed for you and your dear family, and saw the service online.  I want to thank you for sharing so bravely and so honestly.  You have, sadly, but with such timeliness on this February evening, been an encouragement to me.  With love and prayers, and much thanks from a Christian sister on the Central Coast.