Sarah Giles

I remember attending Summer Camp my junior year of high school and being so frustrated that all my friends were hearing from God and getting baptized in the Spirit. I walked up to the altar and said to God, “I need to hear from you”. I opened my eyes and Donnie was standing there, he puts his hands on my shoulders and said “God loves you so much that He does not want to give you something that is unfinished. But He has something incredible for you this week.” The next night God spoke to me and I knew I was called into worship ministry.

I remember thinking in that moment, that word is something that would carry me through some tough times. 17 years later, I’ve held onto those words through some trials. I had the privilege to share that story with Donnie a year ago and with tears coming down his face he smiled and said “God is always on time”.

I am so so very thankful for many memories I have from Summer Camps to services at Abundant Life and New Life that I have to share with my kids one day.