Julie Seregow Thomas

Donnie was such a big part of my growing up years. With my Dad as a pastor, we had lots of speakers come to our church and home but Donnie was our favorite (shhh ;). Each one in our family considered him a friend, like family. I remember him spinning me on a bar over his head when I was in youth group, and how no matter how well-known he became, he would always talk to you with genuine interest and concern, full of joy, life and the love of Jesus. We loved seeing Donnie and Cindy (and soon your girls when they were so little!). Sometimes Donnie and the Radical Reality team would come over after church to our little house in Walnut Creek. There would always be so much laughter with Donnie. I was remembering when we took him to the ranch in Alamo where he rode my horse. My horse was used to me riding her (when I was a skinny little pre-teen) and when Donnie got on her, she literally dropped to her knees in protest. He made her get up and took her for a ride, all while wearing a bandana across his forehead and shouting wildly about something. 🙂 It’s hard to imagine Donnie not being here anymore. We are praying for you and your family, Cindy. And Brooke, Anna and DJ – you will always have a Dad, he’s just in heaven now. Thank you Cindy and kids for sharing your husband and dad with us all. Thousands and thousands of lives have been changed forever because of his life, and your family. We love you.