Jodi Seregow Allen

Dear Cindy,

My heart broke when I read your post.  I remember being 10 years old and Donnie would let my sister and I be part of the “show” at our church.  Since my parents were the pastors, Jim and Kathy Seregow, we would get to be with You and Donnie before church, after church, and for lunch and dinner.  I remember I would cry and cry when we got home on Sunday nights because I knew you and Donnie were leaving.  Now that I am a mom of 3, my biggest regret so far is that my kids never got to meet Donnie or hear him speak.  He would have loved my kids.  He loved everyone.  He showed me Jesus.  He taught me grace.  You showed me a loving example of a supportive wife.  You made me want to do more for the kingdom.  I am praying for you and your sweet family all day long.  I can’t imagine how excited Heaven is to get your Donnie.  Thank you for the sacrifice your family has made over all of these years.  Crying with you and praying you know Jesus’ presence like never before. Love you guys so much!!

Jodi (seregow) and Lance Allen, Luke, Jack, and Julia