Shari H

My first memory of Donnie is from Believers Church Winter Youth Camp. My husband and I were youth leaders, Donnie was the speaker that weekend. I remember being so amazed at the annointing on his life and how God used him to move mightily in those kid’s lives. I witnessed a girl being delivered from demonic spirits. I witnessed kids being healed emotionally and physically. Donnie even prayed over me and God touched me too! That Sunday evening following camp, Donnie came back to our church and spoke. What touched me was, after service, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I remember you…yeah, I remember you”. It made me feel special. I did not have the best relationship with my dad growing up and often didn’t feel valued , but some how in that moment, it made feel like I had value. He had a special way about him that just made people feel that God kind-of love. I am forever grateful for Donnie’s obedience to God’s calling on his life. He touched so many people’s lives, everywhere he went, including mine. ┬áThank you Moore family for sharing your husband and father with all of us. I pray for God to overwhelm you with His love, His peace and His comfort. Love you all!