Ken Terry

Hello, My name is Pastor Ken Terry and I am so sorry for your loss. Donnie will always have a special place in our hearts. In the early 90’s I was a youth pastor at Tulare First Assembly of God. After several years in Northern Ca. taking youth to hear Donnie at the NorCal youth conventions, I wanted to bring Donnie to Tulare to do his assemblies and night meeting. So, I contacted Radical Reality office to determine what I needed to do to get Radical Reality to the small town of Tulare. I think it was Jeff Foust I spoke with and shared my dream with him and he said, Radical Reality’s ministry focus was NorCal and at that time didn’t go this far south. Of course I continued to plead, beg and pray that the team would come to Tulare. I made a banner that said, “Keep The Dream Alive” and had my youth group sign it and then sent it to the Radical Reality office. Scott Ruiz took it to Donnie and said, “we need to go to Tulare.” Donnie agreed and the team came to Tulare and the impact of Donnie’s ministry is still felt to this day. The assemblies were powerful and the night meeting was incredible. But, let me say, that the enemy tried to disrupt the night meeting when the principle (a unbeliever) of the school was unwilling to allow us to use the gymnasium that seats 2000 and instead allowed us to use the smaller auditorium that seats 1500 in an effort to minimize the impact of the night meeting. We were all amazed to see the young people coming in the building that night, they just kept coming. The auditorium was pact with students standing against the walls and in the aisles, needless to say, that it was a fire marshal’s nightmare. The miraculous night ended with 256 decisions for Christ.  A night I will never forget! I will greatly miss the heart that touched so many hearts! The measurement of Donnie’s ministry isn’t in what we know, but in what we don’t know. The ripple effect of his ministry can only be measured by the one who commissioned him. Love you Donnie.



Pastor ken