Wendy Fung

Relationship:Attendee of a service and camp counselor in the 1990s

Hi- I was a UOP student in 1991. On Sunday May 12, 1991 I somehow ended up at a service in a theater/church in Lodi , CA where Donnie was speaking. He was sharing a story about his Sunday School teacher and what am impact that man had in his life. After the service, he started to walk the aisles of this large church and he ended up right in front of me (keep in mind, I’m 4″10′, little Asian). He asked me my name and then proceeded to tell me that I have been trying to put God in a box and then added a whole bunch of things that I didn’t understand how he knew. In the end, he asked if I wanted to accept Jesus into my heart and I said no. (My analytical mind wanted to know if someone had tipped him off to my life). Later, I found out he was operating in the word of knowledge. One week later on May 18th, I did accept Christ into my life. Needless to say my life has never been the same and 27 years later I am still loving the Lord. I served as camp counselor those few years that I was in college and I remember having the wildest times with those kids! I have very fond memories of this time in my life! Thank you Donnie for you faithfulness in serving and loving the Lord!

My prayers and heart goes out to you. Thank you for your faithful love and support for Donnie as your father and husband. I know that “the ministry” was fruitful because of what each of you did and maybe even had to sacrifice. I am someone that came out of your ministry and I love love the Lord because of what started in 1991. Thank you!