Nancy McKissick

Donnie was a friend and leader from the good old UOP days
Wow, first let me say I am so saddened to hear of the passing of Donnie. I can still think back to the time when I first met Donnie. I was a freshman at UOP, and was the quarterback for a powder puff girls football team. Donnie came over and started talking with me and said, “You have got to meet my wife.” This was a God ordained conversation that led to many blessings and friendships in the years to come.

Cindy, we met, and you went on to become my mentor, teacher of the Word, my discipler, prayer partner, Godly example, and dear friend.
I loved to worship and learn with you, Donnie, and Chi Alpha, and I so appreciate the many times and years together.

The last time I saw Donnie was about a year and a half ago. We laughed, reminisced, called Cindy, and talked about us getting together. I was so thankful to see Donnie then, but am saddened to know our journey on earth will not allow for Donnie to be included when we do get together. (Did I really get so busy that so much time has passed?)
I send love, prayers, thankfulness, gratefulness, and encouragement to all of Donnie’s dear family and friends.

Hello Sweet Cindy and your beautiful kiddos – Brooke, Anna, and DJ,

I am so sorry for your loss. I know Donnie as a wonderful man, husband, father, friend, and child of God.
I know he is with the Lord, but in the moments to come, even though you know he is with the Lord, our human side experiences loss, sadness, and grief. I feel for each of you and am praying that your hearts may know God’s deep comfort and love, and that His presence may come upon you moment by moment.
I love you, and am so very thankful the Lord allowed us to meet way back when, and am so grateful for the many years together!
Much love, admiration, and thoughts,
Nancy McKissick