I could go on for sometime how Donnie Moore impacted my life! I grew up in the Assembly of God churches in the Bay Area and in the late eighties and early nineties it seemed like Donnie was always our speaker at convention or some assembly. I know he wasn’t but that’s just how profound he was as a speaker. I don’t remember many speakers name from my youth but I always remembered Donnie Moore! I remember him breaking bricks, challenging us young people to live for God, encouraging us in His love and even rebuking and delivering people of demons in a large ceremony, that one still gives me chills. That demon was silenced! Even demons were afraid of Donnie Moore! He was awesome! You knew he loved God and he loved young people. He just wanted us to love and live for God with passion and relentless pursuit. His messages inspired me to want to tell others about the gospel and I did! Thank you Donnie Moore forever for your impact is pricessless! I recently watched a young man, do Donnie’s whole bit from breaking bricks, ripping phone book, etc and I thought Donnie would be proud of him, he followed his script and many young people responded…, I can’t help but feel he was his disciple…Donnie’s legacy is immeasurable! A true hero is in heaven! My prayers and condolences for the family as they grieve but I hope they remember the gift hey were given and the treasure he was to so many!