Maddy Hunt

At camp, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at 9 and remember Donnie’s
big ole’ hands on my head. I was called into ministry at 12; I knew I
didn’t want to do anything else but to live for the Lord. At 16, I had
an encounter with Jesus that still is one of the most defining moments
of my life. The tangible presence and holiness of God were so evident
at camp. Each week, so many testimonies showed that it wasn’t Donnie,
but the Holy Spirit doing incredible things: deaf ears opened,
oppression lifted, healing of deep soul wounds, salvation, freedom.
Those moments of encounter with God and seeing how His power can
change people contributed so much to my life. Donnie also had an
intimate knowledge of the Holy Spirit; to this day I’ve never seen
anyone with the same anointing to see people baptized in the Holy

Aside from his ministry life, Donnie was a wonderful family friend to
us. He was larger than life, a hero, kind, funny, and strong. I could
write about how much he made us laugh or what a presence he was in our
family history, but for me, Donnie’s legacy will live on in those who
saw what he carried and will be compelled to do the same.  His life
makes me want to know Jesus more, speak truth more boldly, be
consecrated to the Lord, and love more compassionately. I’m so
thankful for him, and life is different now without him here. What a
beautiful hope we have of resurrection in Jesus; truth can’t be
dampened one bit by death, and Donnie’s message lives on.

Love you, Moores 🙂 Praying for you all the time.