Don and Toppy Miller

Dear Cindi and family,

We were so saddened by the sudden passing of Donnie, and we know that there are many thousandsĀ  who feel the loss to our world of one of the greatest saints of our time.

We worked twice to bring Donnie and staff to San Luis Obispo area along with John DeVincenzo and Bobbi. It was such an exciting time to work alongside of Donnie and Darwin and be a part of your ministrry so many years ago. We were so blessed and the interactions we still remember so vividly. So many lives and hearts were changed during those events which has continued on to 2018.

Not only did Donnie touch my heart but our daughter especially was changed due to his ministry. Over the years we were blessed to hear Donnie at Joe Hunt’s church in Santa Maria and be with him at different venues. He even prayed over a very painful kidney stone that I had during John DeVincenzo’s wedding to Sally. He was always ready to minister. Then when our friend John died 9 years ago Donnie drove to San Luis Obispo for the funeral and found out that he wasn’t scheduled to talk there. I went to the family and said that Donnie should be a part of the service andĀ  he did get to talk about his friend and counselor in a very compassionate way. I’m sure that He and Bobbi and John have had a wonderful reunion in Heaven.

Just as Billy Graham was welcomed into Heaven with Father God saying welcome home you good and faithful servant, Donnie will, I’m sure, have gotten the very same welcome by The Father and Jesus. No one that I know has exhibited the Father’s love better than Donnie did to the broken, the downtrodden lost souls and to the unloved.

Thank you Cindi and family for sharing your husband and father with all of us over all of these years. We are eternally grateful. May Jesus bless you in your grief and bring you some consolation thru all of this that Donnie is loving you through the portals of Heaven to earth.

Bless you all,

Don and Toppy Miller