Pete and Toni Morrison

I will never forget meeting you, Cindy, in our Physics For Everyone Class. We wound up lab partners. I am forever grateful to God for putting us together. I soon found out that you were going to marry Donnie Moore. I guess the look on my face told all. The wildest guy on campus marrying Cindy??? What??? You gently touched my arm and said, “Oh Toni, didn’t you hear? Donnie got saved?” Well, I had not heard. What great news! I remember thinking, if Donnie Moore got saved there is hope for everyone, and what a catch he has with Cindy. A marriage made in heaven for sure. The following fall, Donnie and Cindy started Chi-Alpha Christian Fellowship at UOP with 5 of us. He was so dedicated to the call of God on his life, and wanted all of us to fulfill our God given destinies as well. He was an inspiration to everyone. He met with us diligently everyday to pray. Sometimes it was hard to find a place to pray. I remember for a while we met in the laundry room at Phi Delta Chi, LOL. That first year the Lord grew Chi-Alpha from 5 students to over 300. I remember as Donnie preached, the power of the Holy Spirit would visit us as students were saved, healed, delivered and sent out to minister. What a great leader, and friend. It was an honor to serve with you two all of those years. Love you Bro. You fought the good fight. Pete and I will miss you. See you on the other side.