John Antrim

In 1992 I was invited to a youth convention in Phoenix, AZ. At that time I did not want anything to do with church or religion… The speaker that night was Donnie Moore. I was placed on the front row and listened to Donnie preach about salvation and a relationship with the Savior. He then shared a story about his former friend Darwin. Darwin had been addicted to cocaine and as a result, he lost his baby. That night I gave my life to Christ. The impact in the message and the personality of Donnie Moore’s no-nonsense, not going to pull any punches sermon drew me into the loving arms of God.

I met Donnie a couple years later in Oregon at a wedding and spent time sharing my testimony. From that day on, I had the privilege of knowing this giant man of God. I will miss his voice, his messages and his friendship. I wish my children would have gotten to know one of God’s Generals, Donnie Moore. Last but not least… I will end this is the same way Donnie opened every sermon, “God Help. Amen”