Angie Balfour

I met Donnie and Cindy in 2011 through the Oakland A’s organization.   It was a season of change for me…it was a new team and I was soon to be a new mom.  Donnie and Cindy welcomed me with open arms and provided strength, friendship, wisdom, courage, guidance, and love over the next 3 yrs.   I will never forget and will always cherish our barbecue at your house, the night we crushed burgers, and the night you came to our rental house and did your best to shed light on a negative situation (it took a while but I’ve closed the door).

Thank you Donnie for letting me participate in Faith Day at the Ballpark.   For teaching me how to rip a phone book in front of a crowd!

Thank you Donnie for my most cherish Easter Sunday.  For welcoming my family to share that beautiful sunrise service with you and your beautiful family up on the hill with nothing but the CROSS and ALL of HIS glory.

Thank you Donnie for sharing your beautiful family with mine.   Cindy, there are no words I can share to comfort you…and that makes me sad because you comforted me at all times during my darkest days.  You are an angel from heaven.

Thank you Donnie for being a father figure to me.  For being a man of faith to me and Grant.  I’m gonna hit the weights hard just like “Donnie Freaking Moore” would do.  ❤

I love you Donnie and am forever grateful.


Love Always,