Rubi Hernandez

Relationship:SHSU XA student

God used Donnie in many ways to minister to my life but one of the memories I’ll never forget was when I was at a time in my life where I couldn’t grasp God’s love for me. Donnie used a rose as an example as he reminded us of how little girls used flower petals to see if they were loved. As Donnie pulled the petals off that rose he showed us what God’s love for us looked like as he repeated over and over again… He loves me, He loves, He loves me, because He loves me… Donnie said something I’ll never forget “There’s nothing you can do to make God love you less because there’s nothing you did to make Him love you in the first place.” Forever grateful that Donnie obediently allowed God to use him to point others to Jesus! Thank you for impacting my life Donnie!


To friends and family

Thank you for the sacrifices you made as family so that Donnie could minister to so many lives including mine! We mourn with you and yet rejoice as well because of the overwhelming Joy Donnie must be experiencing in the presence of our Lord!