Ruben Richardson Jr

Hi,My name is Ruben Richardson Jr and I go to Heart of the Bay Christian center in Hayward CA. Every year our youth will take a trip to the Summer Camp. My wife Sabrina has been going for years as a youth leader for our youth. The year that Sabrina and I got engaged, Donnie was a guest speaker at our church PM service. When he arrived into the sanctuary, Sabrina walked over to him and hugged him and introduced me to him. That same night during his sermon, he was ripping phone books in half, rolling frying pans, and ripped a license plate in half. Again during his sermon, he looked at me and walked over and handed the license plate to me and said “Take good care of her”. ?. Donnie was such a loving guy and he showed love like a father to us. And it is an honor that I was able to get to know him and live in this era where Donnie made a huge impact on the youth generation, parents, schools, Professional Baseball players and the Organization. I know Donnie ran his race and I know he will hear “Well done good and faithful servant”.


To friends and family

Cindy, Brooke, Anna and DJ,
Sabrina and I are continually lifting you up in our prayers. May the Peace and Comfort of God overshadow you all. May His Grace guide you through this season of grief, loss, pain. But may Comfort come upon you. We love you all!