Marcie Arndt

Donnie would come to the church my dad pastored in Grass Valley, CA multiple times a year in the 80’s and 90’s, we would also see him at youth camp. I was a very confused and hurting kid because of everything I had witnessed from being a PK, I loved Jesus, but was in so much pain because of people I perceived as attacking my parents, who just wanted to serve Jesus wholeheartedly. Donnie started speaking into my life when I was in middle school and all through highschool…I knew he was different and was quite literally showing me Jesus in every word he said. He had a way of making you feel that you were the most important person in the room at that moment, he didn’t rush on to the next person, he would stop and look into your eyes and just start “reading your mail.” Most of the time, I would just start crying because I could sense the spirit of God healing my wounded heart. The last time I saw Donnie, I was a senior in high school and getting ready to leave with my family to Canada to pastor a new church…he said “little sis you’ve got everything you need, God has called you out, take what you’ve learned and invest it in others.” I think about that last conversation alot, especially when things are tough. I honestly don’t know if I would’ve gone into ministry without Donnie’s amazing ability to just listen and give Godly counsel on forgiveness. This guy will be getting one large hug from me when I see him in heaven!! Love you big bro!!
To friends and family

I know the sacrifices we kids make when our parents are in ministry…your dad was a father and big brother to so many kids over the years, he had an ability to convey love to people that was beyond anything I’ve experienced since. Thank you for sharing your dad with us, we will never be the same!