Juana Campos

Story:I have a variety of stories with Donnie. I first met him during breakaway in Huntsville, Texas where he spoke about the Holy Spirit. My small group and I were so touched and filled that Donnie helped us grow so much in the Lord in a matter of days. We wore special shirts for our group and he always acknowledged us and greeted us so friendly even if it meant shouting “hi” from outside someone’s car.

I saw him again this past January for SALT and something so simple as asking about his day and talking about Dallas, TX’s cold weather in an elevator felt so personal and memorable. My small group has graduated and moved onto the workforce, but they always share with others who are baby christians the impact Donnie has made in their lives through speaking about the Lord and helping them understand a walk with Jesus with them .

Will be praying for healing and restoration for your family. Thankful we had the privilege of sharing Donnie and growing deeper in love with Christ through Donnie.