Ashley Fonseca

Donnie came and spoke to a group of students in the college ministry st UTSA called Chi Alpha. He talked about Fatherhood and his recognition of how starved our generation is for fathers. He also spoke of how his preaching has caused so many young Christian to seek his embrace after a session as if their hearts at suddenly become open to him as a father figure they desperately lacked. I was one such student, moved to tears by his speaking of the very wounds my heart concealed. I too secretly longed for that embrace, but was lacking the boldness of other students. However, I left that service feeling the embrace his words and heart expressed. Wounds were revealed in me that now suddenly needed attention and healing. It’s been a few years since then and I have come so far in the Lord. I only encountered Donnie once. But it impressed my heart and life in such a way that I have to make it known to you now. That his influence was so powerful and so impacting that there will be fruit from that one encounter for generations. Thank you for sharing him with young growing Christians like me.