Angie Murphy

My first exposure to Donnie Moore was during a rally at Roseville High School. It was the strength team, and Donnie spoke. He was very dynamic, and I liked what he said. I’d been brought up in church, asked Jesus into my heart in the first grade, but I believe it would be more appropriate to say that I was born again in high school… Because of Donnie. I went to camp, listened to him preach. He spoke at me church once in a while. I couldn’t get enough. I have four, very old preaching sets (tapes). I think I may have to listen to them… Anyway, through his teaching, I learned that my identity was not based in my (non) relationship with my absent father (who I now have a relationship with). No, because God was my father, my Daddy. And He would always be there for me, and not leave. This is a message I will never forget. Ever.

To friends and family

I will never forget the way Donnie would begin his messages: “Dear God, Help. In Jesus name.”

That is my prayer for you today as you process the loss of this dear man.