Dave Han

I first met Donnie before he even knew the Lord when he was working (I believe) as a graduate assistant at Stagg High. Even then, his charisma and motivation were palpable. Then, after he came to Jesus, he started going to Lincoln Neighborhood church (now Lakeview Assembly).
Even though I was just a teenager, we became good friends and watched him grow in the Lord by leaps and bounds. I used to perform Keith Green songs in church, which Donnie enjoyed and he blessed me by asking me to play piano for when he and Cindy got married.

The impact Donnie had on this world was undeniable. Thousands of young people either came to Jesus for salvation or to a better relationship with God through the fullness of His Spirit. But most importantly, Donnie loved Cindy and his family with all his heart.

Although it has been years since I have seen Donnie, his absence from this earth will be noticeable. I will miss knowing that he’s here, and all of us will need a little more in the name of Jesus to make up for it.

For me, I choose to take up that challenge.


To friends and family

Cindy and family…our prayers of peace and comfort are with you. Know you are loved by so many and bathed in their prayers.