Philip Rincon

I was a camp counselor at one of his camps, and the impact it made on the kids and my life was amazing! He also was are Men Camp pastor and the Lord used him to impact all the men. Praying that God gives you ambedence of His grace until you see him again, Much love Philip

Katrina Jensen

He was my pastor at radical reality camps in Chico CA.
My story of Donnie all started when I was 13 years old (10 years ago) I was invited by my church New Life in Marysville can to go to camp. I made the best decision I have ever made in my life. Little did I know I would go to that camp and have my life changed forever. Donnie and his team wowed us by rolling the frying pans, breaking bats and even tearing a phone book with his bare hands. He was the greatest pastor anyone has ever had. He impacted and touched my life. Before I even spoke a word to him, him and Joey steelman prayed over me. Donnie had his hand on my head and said “God she is going to be such a great doctor.” It blew my mind because I had never talked to Donnie before. Let alone tell him I wanted to be in the medical field. That was just one small gesture on how he has impacted my life and so many others. He was definitely blessed and lived a life I know very well that God is pleased with. It hurts my heart to know you are gone Donnie but it also gives me joy to know I will one day see you and my grandma and grandpa again.


To friends and family

My love and condolences to the family. You are loved and still blessed even through the midst of it all. THE LORD IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. when you see one set of foot steps it’s because he picked you up and is carrying you.

Becky Milton

In 1996 I was newly saved & knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. My friend Shekina persuaded me to go a camp to see this great speaker named Donnie Moore because she knew it would change my life. We found out a church called ALF was going to Donnie’s camp the next day & we joined them, not knowing anyone else.
Without knowing much about speaking in tongues I made the decision to be prayed over on a Wednesday night. I was completely out in the Spirit for hours without any clue what had transpired.

Over the years I volunteered as a counselor, a super mean dean of women, a Program Staff Director, and now camp director with my husband. I felt it an honor, that even as a single young woman Donnie & Cindy believed in me & my giftings.

It’s been my honor to both serve at camp & become friends with Donnie, Cindy , Brooke, Anna & my husbands kindred spirit, DJ.

I have had many God moments over the last 21 while listening to Donnie Speak. I have also laughed a ton in his presence.

While living in Ensenada as a missionary at the Lords Gym I got to translate for different members of Radical Reality during a crusade. I can recall Donnie focusing all his love upon a huge orphan teenage boy named Felix. I can remember how he mentored him & doted upon this giant orphan boy, lavishing him with God’s pure love. A boy who everyone had abandoned , ignored & frankly was scared of was shown Gods ABBA Father unconditional love through your caring compassionate dad/husband/son. It has stuck with me these 18 years.

I’ve seen Donnie cradle broken & abused girls , pray for orphans, & give hope to the hurting for the last 21 years.

There is a bit of Donnie in all three of his children. Brooke’s heart for her family, the Glass Slippers Girls & her friends reminds me of Donnie’s compassion & love. Anna’s passioniate nature & zeal for life reminds me of Donnie infectious energy that captivated his audience. And DJ, Donnies thinner spitting image, is hilarious & such a showman, reminding me of his fathers uncanny ability to tell a story and make people laugh.

Cindy you have been such a great role model for me as a wife, mother & minister. You were such a great balance for Donnie. I’ve always loved seeing your love for each other & your children.

Mrs Moore, you raised a great man. He spoke of you & your husband with incredible love & fondness.

I am sorry if I went too long. I wanted you all to know our great love & respect for Donnie & your family.

If you would like to laugh please have Joey tell you the story of the hand motion in Mexico that did not mean the same thing there as it does here. Donnie & Joey had lots of laughs about that incident. If he doesn’t remember I’ll tell you someday.

With love,

Becky Milton & Milton Crew

Jason Tacderan

My first encounter with Donnie was when I was a freshman in high school I went with the Edison High Christian Club to Night of Champions at UOP Spanos Center. I was already a believer, but that night I knew there was more to God. So I started attending RAD Nite at Lakeview Assembly and every time Donnie preached God would tug at my heart. I went to the Easter Camps and it was there when I knew God was calling to be a preacher. Donnie spoke truth and love into my life. God used Donnie to draw me closer to Him. The foundation I stand on as a believer, man, husband, father, pastor, coach and Christian school teacher was laid by the ministry of Donnie Moore and Radical Reality. Thank you Donnie for being a good and faithful servant for our Lord!


To friends and family

My condolences and prayers are with you all. I know you miss his presence, but he’s in the presence of Him who he longed to be with. He’s more alive than any of us. May his legacy live on in all of us who heeded his words through the years.


I’m so thankful for his Radical Reality ministry camp every summer during my high school years. I looked forward to the week of camp every year.Donnie Moore helped me to grow my faith during high school and although I hit a rough patch after high school, I have never forgotten his conviction, his passion, and his life giving words as he prayed over me during camp one year when I responded to an alter call.
Donnie Moore was a father to the fatherless. His stories consumed me and inspired me over the years. Donnie is the reason I want to become a public speaker and maybe who knows- a pastor leading young people to the Lord like he did. He touched so many young lives and led so many to Christ.
I was truly honored to have met him. His legacy will live on for generations. We need more Donnie Moores in this world living fully unabashedly for Christ on this Earth.
Some of the most meaningful moments of my life happened at Radical Reality camp over the summer. I’ll never forget how I changed and others around me changed.
I thank God for his life and his obedience to the Lord’s call here on earth.


To friends and family

God has called his good and faithful servant Donnie Moore home! I rejoice with you for his life and morn with you for your loss on earth. My deepest sympathy in your time of grieving.

Lexee Staggs

Well i first met him in July of 2016 at Radical Reality camp. Cj introduced me and Donnie and I clicked right away. He was such a inspiration to me, i remember it was July 14 2016 (the day before my birthday) i was listening to Donnie speak and he had altor call and thats when he have the necklesses and prayers out. I remember getting mine and trying to walk back to my brother and i fell and got bathtized 3 times in the holy sprit. It was so amazing, i gave my life to God that night. Donnie showed me that not all men are horrible…….I miss u Donnie


To friends and family

Im so sorry to hear about the passing of Uncle Donnie, but we will all see him again. He’s up there walking the streets of Gold with Jesus

Linda Williams

One of the many things I appreciate about Donnie is, he always had a smile and encouraging word for young people no matter who they were.Over 15 years ago Donnie invested in my son Anthony and invited him to ‘tag along” with the team at one of their event/trips. What an impact he made on my son for the Kingdom’s sake! He has had a positive impact on all four of my children, through both attending and serving at Radical Reality Camp, and relationship with Donnie. I am so grateful to have been touched and influenced by Donnie’s love for God, people and ministry. He was faithful to his calling. One for the Kingdom!


To friends and family

My heart goes out to you in this time of grief. The best words I feel I can say is, through this, hang on to Jesus, He will get you through, one moment, one hour, one day at a time. We were all blessed with the time we had with Donnie. He will be missed greatly. I think of all the souls who have been added to the Kingdom because of him, his influence, his courage to speak the truth in love. May the loving, strong, but gentle arms of our Heavenly Father hold you tight and bring you comfort, courage and strength during this time.

Donna Nelson

My memory of Donnie has nothing to do with the the great minister he was…my memories are late nights playing uno that I would always win :), singing,laughing just being silly and sitting and listening to him read me his newest sermon he just finished writing. One of my favorite memories was during camp one late night after he spoke we spent hours feeding raccoons all the bread and crackers Cindy had in the cabin!!! So many memeories of being apart of bed time prayer time with Cindy and the girls and learning how to one day be a parent myself. I love his family with all my heart… Donnie was more then a great minister he was family to me and I will miss him dearly ❤

Sam Fluery

As a 13 year old boy, I was invited to Radical reality camp. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I had issues that I didn’t know how to solve. My mother had left my family at a young age for her addiction to drugs and became so desperate for drugs that she began to prostitute herself. The anger was deep. The feelings of never measuring up to be enough became my driving force to make myself the best at everything I did. This eventually made me a very angry young man. I ruined all the things that were blessings because I couldn’t let people in. After several camps and years of being challenged to let go, things began to be different. I have my heart to God at a camp and continued to grow. Flash forward 4 years of camps, not only had I learned how to forgive my mom and dad, but that I needed to express it. I flew up to a Washington we’re my mom had been for my whole life but never reached out to me. I met her in a coffee shop and I told her about what God had done in my heart. I forgave her, cried and prayed with her. The last camp I was at Donnie had spoken a calling over my life and I’m blessed to say that God has called me to full time ministry. God has blessed my with an amazing wife. We are both youth pastors now. The best part of y testimony is that’s God changed me, but He used that act of obedience and moved a mountain. My mom gave her heart to Jesus, gave up her old ways and now serves in the local church helping girls who are doing what she did for so long find hope and healing! I wouldn’t be where I was without Donnie. He’s a legend. His legacy and story will live on throughout generations. He’s loved and I’m saddened by the loss but rejoice with the reality that He met Jesus face to face and heard, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”
Words for the family:

I know there is great grief right now. But there is also great joy in knowing where Donnie is. But there is also great joy knowing where SO many others are right now because of him. Heavens a bigger place because of that hero!

Love you all!

Samuel Fleury
Associate Youth Director at VantagePoint Church

Destiny Robles


when I was in 7th grade, my youth Pastor convinced us to go to Chico to a summer camp. It was the theme “Champions” that year.. Not only did I encounter the love of God like never before, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Although I had felt called to ministry since I was a young child, I can not deny the further assurance I felt because of Radical Reality camp. Donnie has prayed over me, spoke into my life, and has been someone I look up to since 2006. After nearly 10 years of camps both as a student and a leader- I can honestly say my life was forever changed. As a youth pastor, I often reflect on my time from these camps. I am forever grateful because of he love of God Donnie showed to me, my siblings, and my youth kids. One of the biggest take always I have from Donnie Moore is the way he knew how to do true ministry of the Gospel, and that was the way he knew how to love people. My personal walk with God has always grown from each and every single message he gave. And I cannot begin to express he lasting impact he had in demonstrating how to be a leader to others by simply following God with everything he had.