Theron Brinson Jr

Best phrase from Donnie that stuck with me was, “ you will never have to give up anything to get into heaven, that you won’t  eventually have to give up to get into hell!” Loved all of the memories of Summer Camps for the teens we all ministered to and interceded over. Donnie is the epitome of the ultimate servant of the Kingdom of God!!! Second best was when was he turned to Cindy and stated, “I just hope our children make heaven!”  I still have that cassette tape of “the five reasons I don’t want friends to go to hell”. I was honored to get permission from Donnie to use parts of that message in a persuasive argument in a secular college speech class in 1997.  I could go on forever about how much of an influencer Donnie is on generations still to come!!! Wish we could be back in Cali, but know we are praying for y’all during this season and the seasons to come!!!