Vita H

My first memory of Donnie was when I was in grade school and he was doing feats of strength. I thought it was pretty amazing when he tore a phone book in half. It wasn’t until I was much older that I really got to know him at Believer’s Church. I was all ears whenever he spoke and would stay for both services whenever he visited our church. He was so genuine and passionate and funny too. I loved his love for the youth. God used him in a big way to touch so many lives including mine.
One particular service he said something that I will never forget. He said it over and over again. He said, ” God’s not mad at you.” Each time he said it, something broke in me and I just cried and cried. For years, I used to think God was mad at me and that I was a huge disappointment. That day, it finally sunk in and I felt free of this burden, this lie. It was a huge moment for me and I even remember Donnie was even crying as he spoke those words. I’ll never forget it.
My last memory of Donnie was the last time he came to our church. I gave him a hug and he gave a huge hug back. Donnie was this giant with a huge heart and a true man of God. I’m so glad I knew him and will get to see him again one day. Love you Donnie!

My thoughts and my prayers go out to the family and friends of Donnie including all who are a part of Donnie Moore Ministries.
I also want to say thanks for creating this page and giving us all an opportunity to share our memories of Donnie. It was such an initial shock to hear of his passing and it helps to share and read about his amazing life. He was such a servant of God and a great advocate for the youth. I’m blessed to have known him and look forward to seeing him again.