Liane Wang

Relationship:Donnie spoke at Chi Alpha events I was present at.

Donnie spoke at the Chi Alpha NorCal Winter Conference in 2013 and I remember being struck by his amazing message and story. As a student, I always remembered the strong pastor/chaplain that gave bear hugs to anyone who asked. Fast forward to Fall 2017 when Donnie came and spoke at our UC Davis Chi Alpha group (Davis Christian Fellowship). Hearing about how he fathered the XA NorCal movement and discipled many others who came before me… it was extraordinary to come full circle and have Donnie pray for me and declare influence and identity over me. I am currently serving full-time on staff with DCF and I acknowledge and honor Donnie’s role in inspiring me to pursue ministry wholeheartedly. When Donnie spoke at DCF, we had over 100 students come down to the front of the lecture hall and respond to the simple gospel through worship. As we worshipped we completely went overtime as people encountered the love of Jesus! I will never forget how tangible the presence of God was in that room and how present and patient Donnie was to whoever was in front of him.


To friends and family

I have been thinking about your family and praying for you all as you process this grief. Know that you are loved and that Donnie’s legacy lives on through all of you. May the peace of God wrap your hearts in grace.