Ikrilia Walker

I’m from Florida, i moved to California to be with my now husband. My family is very far from me now, some on Florida, Jamaica etc. My father is in Jamaica and the night i met Donnie i was very sad. I missed my dad so much, at the time it’s been 10 years since I’ve seen him. Well Donnie spoked to me and my husband and we loved him from that moment on. He was so kind and so funny. Well that night like i said, i was very sad cause i missed my dad. Donnie came to me and just said “come here” and gave me the biggest dad hug. Made me feel so warm and at peace. I really think God hugged me through him. This is something i would never forget.

My heart goes out to every one of you deeply affected by Donnie’s passing. I don’t know his family or friends but i do love everyone of you and I pray for peace and understanding in this sad time. Remember that heaven gained such a wonderful man of God! God bless everyone of you.